Top Floor Mops. Bona vs Swiffer – What to Choose?

Choosing a floor mop can be a tough task as there are so many options, and they all sound promising. Among all the options, Swiffer and Bona floor mops are getting huge appreciation in the market. However, finding the perfect pick from these is another level story that is only possible through comparison. With the help of a briefed study directed towards comparing these two, you can certainly make better minds for yourself. For more specified results, you can Compare them at FloorCleaningTools.

Understanding Working of Bona and Swiffer Mop

To understand the difference between Bona and Swiffer, we have to see what each one is made of. The mechanism in both of these mops is pretty simple and almost identical. It’s the ease of use and feasibility that sets them apart. These mops comprise two basic parts, the handlebar for support and pads for cleaning. You just need to hold the mop by the stick and start cleaning your floor using the base padding. The base is made of wide, soft and heavy-duty dry clothes so that you get effective cleaning without damaging the surface of your floor.

  • Swiffer 

Swiffer is the most popular floor mop, so it’s not surprising that it’s also the cheapest option and has the best price in the market. For about $14, you get a mop to start cleaning your home. The box of Swiffer mop comes with four dry heavy duty clothes, three wet heavy-duty, ten dry clothes and two wet pads. This makes up for a great deal in this budget range.

  • Bona

Bona’s price of $20 is over twice as much. This mop has a similar design (with a wet disposable towel), but the brush isn’t as easy to use. The handle itself has a flip-up design (similar to Swiffer), so you can even use it as a handheld mop instead. But you have to go slow, or else it won’t get the job done.

Swiffer vs Bona: Which One to Buy?

Bona is certainly better for hardwood floors, but for any type of flooring, Swiffer works just fine and does a pretty good job considering its price. In addition, both mops are completely waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect. The other difference between these two products is the cleaning power. Swiffer doesn’t suck nearly as much dirty water up to the big red filter, so it leaves more dirt behind. Swiffer is easier to use and doesn’t take all that much effort. On the other hand, it’s not nearly as quiet as Bona. Maybe you’d like to try both and compare how they feel in your hands. If Bona feels more comfortable than Swiffer, then you should go for it without any doubt. 

It all comes down to your cleaning preferences. Both of them do the job. They just take different approaches. For example, Swiffer is more effective when cleaning your floors, and Bona is better at cleaning hardwood floors and leaving the floor smelling fresh.

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