Are you expecting guests? Having guests come over to your home can be exciting, but if they are going to stay over, it can be stressful too. So what do you do about space? Even if it is just a couple of them, you need ensure to provide them a comfortable stay overnight.

Worry not! Here are a few tips to get you through:

Clean up

Clean up all the mess that makes your home look unattractive and unkempt. There is no need to go in for deep cleaning and rearranging the entire place. Just putting away things that are strewn around will suffice.


Feeding the guests can be a stressful task if you are keen on cooking yourself. However, if there are many guests and are still particular about cooking for them, you can cook just one main dish and order a take-out for the rest. A better idea would be to take them to a good restaurant.


Have a set of toiletries for your guests to use. This need not be anything fancy, but a basket full of things they might need can be a great way to impress your guests.


Have freshly laundered towels ready for your guests to use. If they are staying for many days, ensure you ask them and get them washed once in two days.


Managing guests with kids can get tricky in every sense. Be it the food, the way they are going to mess up the house or, even sleeping, kids can be quite a handful. Plan some games to keep them occupied and to tire them out. It will help if you can ask their parents and keep some suitable snacks ready for them as kids tend to be hungry at all times.


This is one of the most important aspects of having guests overnight. While you can have a separate guest bedroom with a bed and other things, how many people can you accommodate in one room?

folding mattress is a great option when there are too many guests. Then, once they are ready to go to bed, you can unfold the mattresses, put them on your living room floor, and give your guests a comfortable night.

This will not only help you accommodate all of them under one roof but can also be fun, like camping. If there are kids, you can set up tents with bed sheets and let them have a fun night.

Ensure you have enough fresh blankets and pillows. If you are running short, you can always hire them.

The Day

Plan the day for them. Get a list of places to visit, restaurants to try out, shops to check out and other holiday activities happening around your area. If it’s not possible to accompany them, you can always guide them on what to do when and how to go about your area.


Offering to let them use your washing machine or running a wash cycle yourself can be a good gesture.