Rainbow Birthday Party

rainbow birthday party invite


In case you’re wanting to throw a rainbow party, here’s some of the things we did to put together a fun rainbow party for Emden’s third birthday.


Rainbow Invitation

I made this invitation using Photoshop and then saved it as a 4×6 .jpeg file and had it printed off as a […]

Rainbow Party Activity Ideas

rainbow birthday party activity ideas


In case you’re thinking about throwing a rainbow themed party, here are some ideas for activities that we did at Emden’s recent three year birthday party.


We usually start with coloring because it’s a nice activity for kids to do while waiting for everyone to show up. Plus, it’s an activity that […]

Layered Rainbow Birthday Cake

easy to make rainbow cake


Our kids will probably never know what it’s like to have a fancy store bought cake. I just can’t bring myself to dish out the money to buy one, especially since I stay at home and have the time to make one. It would most likely be a different story if I was […]