Rainbow Party Activity Ideas


In case you’re thinking about throwing a rainbow themed party, here are some ideas for activities that we did at Emden’s recent three year birthday party.


We usually start with coloring because it’s a nice activity for kids to do while waiting for everyone to show up.  Plus, it’s an activity that is great for letting kids warm up to everyone being there.  I printed off some rainbow pages, Rainbow Brite pages, and Rainbow Dash coloring pages.

games for rainbow birthday party rainbow birthday party activity ideas games for rainbow birthday party



Kids had the option of making rainbow bracelets out of colorful pipe cleaners and rainbow beads.  I used pipe cleaners because they’re a lot easier for little ones to string beads onto.

rainbow birthday party activity ideas



I had found some perler bead sets on sale and got them for next to nothing.  The pattern was a hot air balloon and I thought it went well with the theme.  My kids who are 3, 4, and 7 love making these at home and will spend an hour sitting there making a shape.  However, it was a bit challenging for 3 year olds who had never done them before and even the older ones struggled.  It was also a bit more challenging for a party setting because there’s not as much time and some of them lost interest.  I think it would be a great activity for older kids or at a party where you had lots of time to do the activity.

rainbow birthday party activity ideas

rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas rainbow birthday party activity ideas


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layered rainbow cake

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diy marshmallow peeps


Layered Rainbow Birthday Cake


Our kids will probably never know what it’s like to have a fancy store bought cake.  I just can’t bring myself to dish out the money to buy one, especially since I stay at home and have the time to make one.  It would most likely be a different story if I was working, because then it probably wouldn’t be worth my time.  Plus, my husband has a fond memory of his mom making all his cakes and so, thus far, we’ve opted for homemade as a way to save money and to offer to our kids as a labor of love.easy to make rainbow cake

Usually Jeff and I make the cakes together, but because of time constraints, that didn’t happen this year and I honestly think it suffered a bit, but hey, the kids didn’t notice and if the birthday girl loves it, then I’ve done my job!

I fell in love with this cake the first time I saw it because it’s just flat out fun!  I knew at some point, one of our kids would have to have a rainbow party.  Emden had a rainbow shirt that fit her this year, and so, a rainbow birthday party was decided on.  She has been looking forward to it this entire year, but I left the cake a surprise to her.

This cake ended up being easier than I anticipated because Wal-Mart had prepackaged color cake mixes I snatched up.  I gotta be honest, I hesitated pulling them off the shelf because I felt like I was cheating or something, then I came to my senses and figured why wouldn’t I want to save myself a step.


  • identical round  cake pans
  • colored cake mixes (or divide your own cake batter and color with food coloring)
  • white icing
  • skittles
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • miniature marshmallows
  • Airhead Rainbow Strips

Game Plan:

1.  Make the individual cakes. 

I didn’t have identical sizes of cake pans, so I had to do one at a time.  It didn’t take as long as I thought because after I stuck one in the oven, I started making the next cake batter so it would be ready to go.  I made all the cake layers a couple days ahead and froze the cakes to save me some time later.  I didn’t want really thick layers of cake because I didn’t want it to be a gigantically tall cake so I had cupcake liners ready to go and poured a small bit of batter into each of the 12 cupcakes.

2.  On party day, I pulled out the cakes around 10AM and the party was at 2:30.  Lay down one layer, ice on top of it, then place on the next layer, then ice on top of it, and repeat until you’re done with all of your layers.  Make sure to put the top layer of cake so that it is upside down because it will make for a smoother cake top.

easy to make rainbow cake

3.  Cover the entire cake with white icing and smooth the icing.

I actually didn’t have time to do this step this time!

easy to make rainbow cake

4.  Cover the top with rainbow sprinkles.

5.  Place Skittles around the bottom of the cake to create a nice border.

6.  Make a rainbow using Airhead Rainbow Strips and miniature marshmallows for clouds.

I made a triple rainbow since she was turning three.

7.  Pipe on a name or message.

8.  Take lots of pictures of everyone enjoying the cake at the party!  The real surprise is when you cut into it!


easy to make rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

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recipe for ice cream cake roll

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DIY Jello Peeps


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted party details, but the parties still happened, I just didn’t blog about them.  Since we just recently had one for our little Emden who turned three, I thought I would share some of the things we did in case you were wanting to throw a rainbow party as well.  Do know, I stole most of these ideas off of pinterest so I take no credit for them!

Today I’m sharing on one treat that I almost didn’t end up doing because the day was so crazy.  However, I’m glad I did because lots of people commented on how good they were.  They’re basically Peeps, except they’re not in a cool shape but to make up for that, they are packed with way more flavor than your average Peep.  The process is really easy to do and would be fun to do with kids.  I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to let them help with the process because we all know things take longer with kids and frankly, we were down to minutes!


  • large marshamallows
  • jello in the flavors/colors you want
  • plastic bags for as many colors/flavors you want to do
  • platter
  • bowl of water

Game Plan:

1. Pour the jello powder into a plastic bag.

I used gallon size bags so I could do several marshmallows at the same time.

jello flavored marshmallows

2. Dip your marshmallow in the bowl of water so it gets completely wet.

jello flavored marshmallows

3. Toss the wet marshmallow into the plastic bag with the jello powder.

I chose to do 8-10 at a time with about half a bag of the powder, you could probably do more and you definitely could just do one at a time, but it would take longer.

jello flavored marshmallows

4. Seal the bag and then shake it until all marshmallows are coated.

5.  Take the marshmallows out and sit on a platter to let dry.

6.  If you want multiple colors/flavors, use a different bag for each.

7.  Once dry, toss the coated marshmallows in a bowl, on a platter, on a stick, whatever you think up!  

diy marshmallow peeps

These are so much fun- full of color and flavor!  I think the adults enjoyed them as much as the kids!

You’ll notice I had to move the pretty rainbow display of marshmallows into a bowl because I needed the platter for the fruit rainbow and all my other platters were packed up.  Oh well, still colorful in a bowl!

diy marshmallow peeps



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Tuesday Tip: Store Kid Kitchenware Down Low


I almost didn’t make this post today because of absentmindedness.  Even though the kids are down which signals I’m off the clock, I’m going to make an exception and work on this post so I don’t mess up my blogging streak.

kids in the kitchen

Since it’s Tuesday, I thought I’d throw a quick tip at you that could save you some time if you have little ones or even little grandkids.  Instead of placing the items kids use to eat with up high, find a drawer or cabinet to keep them in that’s down low where they can reach.  This simple relocation of items makes such a huge difference.

  1. Kids get the choice of picking out what plate, fork, cup, etc. they want and *bonus* you don’t have to stand there waiting on them to decide or have to say no when they change their mind from wanting a blue plate to an orange plate.
  2. Kids can easily set the table on their own.  All you have to do is put the adult plates and cups on the counter within their reach.
  3. Putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher can almost be completed without any adult supervision

Yes, the drawer will not probably be as neat or organized as you may like, but it’s a great way to give them ownership and responsibility in the home, plus you can just shut the drawer and pretend like you didn’t see anything!

Now that you have a few less tasks on your hand, what are you going to do with all that time?

tips for teaching kids responsibility

House Plans

So with building a house, comes lots of planning.  I know this sounds dreadful to most, but planning excites me.  Today though, I’m not actually going to get into the nitty gritty of our house plans but in case that’s what you were hoping for, here’s a little something for you:one floor plan


Don’t get me wrong, the picture above does get me excited, but as Jeff and I continue to grow in Christ, we are spending more and more time asking God what His plans are for this home and our lives.  We feel God letting us in on a little secret that there’s more to this life than just having kids, doing the right thing, building a dream home, and living the good life.  All those things are great and blessings from Him, but we’re beginning to see that there’s so much more God wants for us.

Warning, if these next several paragraphs sound confusing and contradictory, they most likely are, that’s where we are right now.  We wonder how much should we spend on a home when it doesn’t come with us to Heaven.  Should we sell it after we build it and buy something smaller so we will have more money to be able to give to others?  Should we buy nice fixtures we’ll be happy with forever or go cheaper to save money?  So many questions and our answers to them seem to change daily.

Originally, our plan when starting the house planning was building a home we would grow old in together and fill with grandkids, etc.  A nice, perfectly fine thought and still a dream of mine, however, the dream seems pretty selfish now because it’s only about OUR family.  God is showing us there’s more He wants from us and more He wants to give us.  So, the real house planning has started.  If we’re going to spend a significant amount of God’s money on this home, how are we going to use it to glorify Him?  How will we use our home to grow God’s kingdom?

After much discussion and praying, we have decided to still build like it is our forever home and it would be wonderful if we could stay there next to our friends.  However, we want to remain open to God’s plans for our lives, and if he is calling us to a different home, we pray we can let go of it.  If we’re ineffective in reaching out to others in that location or find we’re spending too much time on maintaining the home or yard, we want to be willing to let it go.  We no longer want to live lives all about us, but ones that are all about Him.

As of right now, we hope to use our home to house missionaries on furlough who need a place to stay and call home.  We also hope to be able to reach out and help out individuals or families who need to get back on their feet and through that process show them God’s love and disciple them.  We also want our home to be a hub for our kids’ friends where God’s love is talked about and shown to them.  When our kids get older, we hope to have foreign exchange students stay with us for a year and through that, share Christ with them.  We will continue to use our home to fellowship with fellow believers and help the church body connect with one another.  We hope to invite new church attendees over for dinner so we can get to know them.  And maybe, just maybe, we will fill our home with more children, not because we want more children, but because God calls us to take care of the widows and orphans and this verse we’ve been wrestling with from James 1:27

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

What are all the logistics of those things.  NO IDEA!  We haven’t gotten that far and frankly, God has a lot of work to do on us before we can do those things successfully.  However, we won’t ever be perfectly ready to take this on, we just have to be willing.  We know God will fill in the gaps for us–He’s the one who does the real work, the work of saving.  We just have to be willing to take the jump!

What plans do you have for your home?

Are those the same plans God has for it?

What about your life?

Does your life plan align with God’s?

What ways might God be asking you to take a leap of faith?

The First Signs of a Home

Day two and I’m still at it.

I promised to tell you what was new with the Bilbros, and let me just say that we have a BIG project that is already underway, a new house!  My husband and I have a shared passion for building and creating and designing so we are very excited to be creating our own home.  Most of it has been fun, but I gotta be honest and say that it hasn’t been great ALL the time.

Even though we do have similar tastes in style, we do have different opinions.  Usually I’m wanting to think a little more outside the box on some choices, which may look like craziness to some people, and he likes to go with what everyone else is doing because it works.  I usually tend to go with what saves us money and he is more willing to spend more money to get something that lasts.  So as you can see, despite our crazy love for each other and Christ, we still have our squabbles over ridiculous things like pendant lamps and kitchen sinks.  Nonetheless, they’ve been rare and we are actually getting way better at making decisions together as this process goes along.

So, we started with a piece of land which we are so fortunate to have enough that we get to live by our friends who are also building their homes.  Next, we actually drew up our own house plans because we couldn’t find one that we liked enough to modify and our contractor, Cole McCollum, said we could.

Next we decided on everything else, from finishes to windows, to doors, floors, etc.  We are going for an industrial farmhouse feel and picking out all these things has been the most fun.

Then after waiting for bids and a permit, we decided on where we wanted our house, staked it out, and then broke ground!

brady lou project guru


The next exciting thing to happen was our gravel driveway was roughly laid.



Then they poured the footers to make sure our house stands up.

brady lou project guru


Next, the concrete was poured for our slab.  I gotta say, there’s some sort of optical illusion with a wide open space and a concrete pad because it looks so tiny!  However, we walked it off and the measurements seem to be right!

brady lou project guru


Lastly, our concrete room where we can escape to during tornados was poured.

building a home


And so there you have it, you’re all caught up.  It’s probably been about a month of work and this is where we are so far.  Luckily, we’ve done enough DIY projects that we are well aware that projects take three times as long as you think they will.  We are finding joy in seeing progress being made and the fact that for right now, we have no projects to work on because all of our work starts a bit later.  That’s the exciting part for me, but it has been pretty cool seeing each stage happen.

Check back on Monday to see what our plans our for our new home.

Goodbye Beloved Home

Hello there!  Yes, it’s me, I’m alive!

I know it’s been over a year since I’ve actively blogged, but I’m back and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me regularly.  I haven’t been blogging because I ran out of material or projects, quite the opposite.  I’ve been busy crafting, creating, and just being a mom!

The latest news with our family is we just sold our house, official yesterday!  Woot!  Woot!  It was such a blessing to sell it, but if I’m honest, I gotta tell you I was sad to see this home go.

This home is where we brought all three of our babies home to, *tear*.  On top of that, we’ve done some major upgrades to this place and made it our own.  If you’ve been following me from the beginning, this is not news to you.  As sad as it was to part with this home we love, we are looking forward to the future, which I’ll share with you more on tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of our last moments spent together in our home.

brady lou project guru brady lou project guru brady lou project guru brady lou project guru

I wish I would say the last moments were all as happy as the pictures show, but I think the kids were just glad to leave because won’t these pictures don’t tell you is the kids were extremely tired of being there because there were no toys to play with and Mommy and Daddy had been busy cleaning and putting in screens.  They were also forced to eat Chinese, which they hated, on the deck so as not to make a mess, on a not so warm day.  Luckily, pictures help us to remember the good parts!

Before we left, we circled up and prayed over the house and for the family that would be calling it home soon.  We pray that they would feel the love of Christ when they walk into this home and if they don’t have a relationship with him, that someone would reach out to them in this neighborhood and tell them the good news.  As a way to extend God’s love, we decided to leave some fresh cut flowers for them, bought some soda for the fridge, and made some brownies and left them on a cake stand for them, because let’s face it, a snack is twice as good if it is stored in a covered cake stand!  We could have done way more in this area, but time got the best of us.  What kind of things did you do for the new owners when selling your house?

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Santa Wrapping for a Bottle of Wine


Wine bottles are such an awkward shape to wrap so if you happen to be giving some wine as a gift this year, here’s the perfect solution.  It is super cute and festive and just takes a few minutes to put together.  Of course, they’ll know it’s a bottle of wine but they won’t know what kind 😉

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine

  • red scrapbook paper
  • white paper or white sheet of cotton (like what you use to put under Christmas village scenes)
  • 4 buttons
  • 1 washer
  • electric tape
  • double stick tape
  • ribbon and tag
Game Plan:

1. Cut the red scrapbook paper so it covers most of the bottle of wine from top to bottom and reaches all the way around the bottle.  Use double stick tape to adhere it to the bottle.

how to wrap a bottle of wine

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine

2. Cut a strip of cotton, felt, or white paper and attach it to the bottom of the red paper using double stick tape.

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine

3. Cut small strips of double stick tape and fold it in half to attach buttons to the red paper.

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine4.  Put electric tape around the middle of the bottle to make Santa’s belt.

Hopefully you can do a better job of making your belt be straight unlike me!

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine5. Attach a washer in the middle of the electric tape with double stick tape to serve as Santa’s buckle.

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine6.  If you want to add a little something extra, wrap ribbon around the neck of the bottle and a tag.

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine

santa wrapping for a bottle of winesanta wrapping for a bottle of wine

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine

How do you like to wrap wine bottles?

DIY Bunting


Ever since bunting became a craze, I’ve been in love with it.  That being said, I’ve never gotten around to making any, that is until last month…

I helped throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law and thought bunting would be a good way to add some color to the room for little to no cost (ended up being $0 because I had all the supplies on hand).  I figured while I was making that one, I might as well make an orange and black one to usher in fall.  So glad I did.

This project was super easy and very cheap for me because I was able to get all the material from my mom’s leftover quilt scrap collection.  I already had the thread and the only thing I ended up buying was casing for the fall bunting; I just used a pink gross grain ribbon I had on hand for the baby shower bunting.

 easy sew fall bunting

  • ribbon or casing
  • different fabrics (I prefer 5-6)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors or rotary cutter


Game Plan:

1.  Make a template out of cardstock of a triangle that is the size you want your bunting to be.

easy sew fall bunting

2.  Fold all your fabric and lay flat so when you cut out the triangles, you will get two triangles.

3.  Using your template, cut out as many triangles you need for the length of your bunting.  

I made mine way too long, but now know that I just need 16 triangles for our mantle.  I used a rotary cutter and yard stick, but scissors work too.  You will want to cut neatly though, because I left my edges raw.

easy sew fall bunting

4.  Using a straight stitch in a coordinating thread, sew each set of two triangles together.  

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew baby shower pink bunting


5.  Using a straight stitch, sew the triangles to a ribbon or in a casing.

A ribbon will work just fine if you are hanging the bunting in a place where it will only be seen from one side, but otherwise I would recommend using casing.  I actually prefer the look of casing and it only costs $1-$2.

easy sew baby shower pink bunting

easy sew fall bunting

Open up the casing and insert the triangles between the two flaps, then close and sew all together.

6. Hang up and enjoy the warmth and fun it creates!

easy sew fall bunting

Fireplace BEFORE

easy sew fall bunting

Fireplace AFTER with fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew baby shower pink bunting

We used the pink bunting to liven up the gift table


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Fall Burlap Wreath


My friend Izzy had some leftover burlap from her vintage wedding that she passed off to me several months ago.  Ever since then, I’ve been switching from burlap project to burlap project in my head and finally rested on this one.  I have to say it was definitely a good choice!

I thought this project was pretty easy, a bit time consuming with all the cutting out and a bit messy too because of the nature of burlap and what happens when it comes in contact with scissors.

burlap flower wreath tutorial

  • 1- 1.5 yards of burlap
  • fabric scissors
  • raffia
  • colored fabric (I used dark teal and orange)
  • straw wreath
  • screwdriver
  • hot glue gun (optional)
  • cardstock


Game Plan:

1.  Create a flower template out of cardstock.

I just used a cookie cutter and traced it on the cardstock.

2.  Cut out flowers of the burlap using your flower template.

You don’t have to be exact by any means!  I was able to cut two layers out at a time which cut down on my time investment.

burlap flower wreath tutorialburlap flower wreath tutorial


3.  Layer two flowers on top of each other, rotating the angle of them so they’re not laying right on top of each other.


burlap flower wreath tutorial

4.  Keep the plastic on the wreath, this will cut down on the mess.

burlap flower wreath tutorial

5.  Using a screwdriver, punch the center of the two layered flower into the wreath until it bunches up and is stuck in there.

For greater stability, you can put hot glue on the back of the flower before you punch it through; I didn’t and it seems to be holding up fine but I am keeping my wreath inside.

burlap flower wreath tutorial

burlap flower wreath tutorial

burlap flower wreath tutorial

6.  Continue this process until the entire wreath is covered.

You can stop right here if you’d like.  I was tempted to and may revert back to this after fall and hang it up as regular decor.

burlap flower wreath tutorial

burlap flower wreath tutorial

7.  Create a bow out of raffia and use wire to stick it in the straw or use hot glue to attach it to the wreath.  

burlap flower wreath tutorial

burlap flower wreath tutorial

8.  Cut flowers using your template out of colored fabric of your choice if you want to add a little pop of color to your wreath.

burlap flower wreath tutorial burlap flower wreath tutorial burlap flower wreath tutorial

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