The Outside Shell is Complete

craftsman house with blue siding and steel roof

Even though I haven’t been blogging, luckily, stuff has been happening out at “the land.” It’s actually starting to look like a home, that is, until you walk inside and see it’s just an empty shell still. We’re working on that part, well, not us, but someone is.

It’s pretty cool to […]

Patience & Progress

framing for new house

Framing is a fun, but long stage in the building process.

The fun part is seeing your home take shape and actually being able to walk through different rooms.

The hard part, at least for us, is waiting. The weather has to cooperate during this stage and when you’re building during spring in Missouri, the […]

Door Decisions

deciding on a front door

This week has been an exciting, yet exhausting week with all of the little decisions about the little and big details of the home. Jeff and I have the same style when it comes to homes so we thought this home building would be a bit of a breeze. However, through this building process we’ve […]

House Plans

one floor plan

So with building a house, comes lots of planning. I know this sounds dreadful to most, but planning excites me. Today though, I’m not actually going to get into the nitty gritty of our house plans but in case that’s what you were hoping for, here’s a little something for you:


Don’t […]

The First Signs of a Home

gravel driveway

Day two and I’m still at it.

I promised to tell you what was new with the Bilbros, and let me just say that we have a BIG project that is already underway, a new house! My husband and I have a shared passion for building and creating and designing so we are very excited […]