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Just a reminder that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week so make sure to take the time to do something special for your kiddo’s teachers, big or small, doesn’t matter. I shared some ideas I am doing this year on Friday and another idea I’ve done is hit Sonic happy hour on the way […]

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

gift ideas for teachers


Teacher Appreciation Week is next week and I always try and do a little something for Rylan’s teachers. I don’t go overboard or spend a lot of money, but I do try and make them feel appreciated.

For his main teacher, I usually send a little something every day of the week. Not […]

Santa Wrapping for a Bottle of Wine

santa wrapping for a bottle of wine


Wine bottles are such an awkward shape to wrap so if you happen to be giving some wine as a gift this year, here’s the perfect solution. It is super cute and festive and just takes a few minutes to put together. Of course, they’ll know it’s a bottle of wine but they […]

Tuesday Tip: Create a Card Pocket for Wrapped Gifts

card pocket for presents

This is so easy, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, thank you Pinterest! BTW, I pretty much do this on all my packages now if I’m going to be including a card; it’s genius!

Fold in a flap on what will be the front of your gift

Same step […]

Velvet No-Slip Headband Tutorial

how to make a velvet backed ribbon headband

I came across these headbands when a friend of mine who had a daughter who was eight, said she wouldn’t buy anything else because they stay in her hair so well with the velvet backing. I took a look at it and thought, well I can make that…and so I did! I made more than […]

Fabric Tie Headband Tutorial

how to make a cute fabric headband


A lady had bought some velvet no-slip headbands from me (which I’m posting the tutorial for on Wednesday) and sent me a fabric tie headband, similar to the ones I made here. She had purchased hers for $15 and wondered if I could make it for cheaper. So, I studied […]

Thursday Repost: Pom Pom Flower Headband Tutorial

how to make fabric flower headbands


Awhile back, I made a stylish necklace out of a t-shirt and felt by making pom pom flowers out of the t-shirt. I got a lot of compliments and thought I would show you how to use that same process to make adorable headbands. I am loving them on Emden!

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Pale Mint Flowers Tutorial

diy pale mint fabric flower


I didn’t know what to call these flowers, so I went with the color of the flower rather than the type. I actually made these flowers from a bridesmaid dress of my friend Noelle’s. It was a two layer dress and so I came up with this flower to use both of […]

Thursday Repost: Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial

coffee filter flower tutorial


I absolutely LOVE how this flower turned out! It looks so pretty and was the perfect focal point of a shower gift for my friend Izzy’s vintage bridal shower. I can’t wait to make some more of these for a different project.

Supplies: coffee filters hot glue tea Game Plan:

1. […]

Brady Recommends Photo Purses from ArtsCow

photo purses arts cow

Looking to surprise your mom or mother-in-law with a unique gift this Mother’s Day? I highly recommend getting them a photo purse from I have ordered five from there already and I love the quality AND price of them! I finally got one for myself and I couldn’t be happier!

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