Layered Rainbow Birthday Cake

easy to make rainbow cake


Our kids will probably never know what it’s like to have a fancy store bought cake. I just can’t bring myself to dish out the money to buy one, especially since I stay at home and have the time to make one. It would most likely be a different story if I was […]

Watermelon Cake Tutorial

watermelon cake tutorial


I decided to go with the whole watermelon theme for Emden’s first birthday. Not sure why, especially since her dad detests watermelon, but nonetheless, I went with it. I think I liked the whole pink and green combination and well, watermelons are cute to say the least! I couldn’t wait to make […]

Tuesday Tip: Practice Piping

cake decorating tips


If you’re like me and try to save money by making your kids’ birthday cakes or maybe you’ve been thinking about trying, here’s a quick tip for you today: practice your piping on a paper plate BEFORE you pipe on the cake! It’s nice to make your mistakes on something that doesn’t matter, […]

Turtle Cake

turtle cake recipe

I came across this recipe on the back of a cake box when living in the dorms at Columbia College with Karissa Scott. I’m not sure why we were making a cake, but I remember making it with her. Perhaps we needed a study break!

Anyway, we’ve kept it around because my husband is a […]

Monster Cakes

monster cakes


The whole monster birthday party theme started when I came across this cake on the internet and fell in love with it right away. I decided it would be perfect for Owen’s second birthday because he’s not old enough to decide what he wants at yet and I’m afraid once he is, […]

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Cake

minnie mouse baby shower cake


I was helping throw a shower for a friend of mine who is a Disney fanatic. I decided to do a simplistic Minnie Mouse cake to celebrate. I went with a purple bow instead of the traditional pink bow because they were doing the baby’s room in purple.

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Vintage Fondant Cake

classic bridal shower cake


We threw Izzy a shower around mid-morning so we served brunch type food. It had been awhile since Jeff and I had made a fondant cake so I offered to make a cake for the shower. I thought it turned out quite lovely!

Supplies: cake board or […]

How to Make Fondant Flowers

fondant flower tutorial


Have a little fun experimenting with some fondant and make some gorgeous flowers. I found these to be pretty simple to make and thought they turned out gorgeous!

Supplies: white fondant flower shaped cookie cutters toothpicks rolling pin knife cream cheese icing out of a can pearl sprinkles Game Plan:

1. Roll […]

Monster Truck Cake Tutorial

how to make a monster truck birthday cake


Cakes are expensive to buy pre-made, so if you have a little bit of time, it’s much more cost-effective to make one yourself. I thought this one was super easy to make because there is not a whole lot to it yet your monster-truck-lover will think it is super cool, especially since […]

Sprinkle & Skittle Cake

one year old birthday cake


Here’s a simple cake that looks great but I’m positive anyone can make. I think it is perfect for a one year birthday because the colorful sprinkles look awesome stuck to his/her face in pictures. Obviously, it can be used for any occasion though.

Game Plan: