Layered Rainbow Birthday Cake

easy to make rainbow cake


Our kids will probably never know what it’s like to have a fancy store bought cake. I just can’t bring myself to dish out the money to buy one, especially since I stay at home and have the time to make one. It would most likely be a different story if I was […]

DIY Jello Peeps

diy marshmallow peeps


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted party details, but the parties still happened, I just didn’t blog about them. Since we just recently had one for our little Emden who turned three, I thought I would share some of the things we did in case you were wanting to throw […]

Watermelon Sugar Cookies

watermelon sugar cookies

This past month, we celebrated my daughter Emden’s first birthday with a watermelon theme. What’s a party without cookies? I couldn’t resist making these cute little watermelon sugar cookies.

Ingredients: sugar cookies with green food coloring pink icing mini chocolate chips Game Plan:

1. Make some sugar cookie dough and add in some green food […]

Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats

watermelon birthday ideas


I was so excited to make these for Emden’s watermelon birthday party, but time got away from me so my mom and Jeff ended up making them for me while I attended to other party stuff! Look at what a great job they did! These were the first treats to go at the party!


Tuesday Tip: No More Messy Rice Krispie Hands

watermelon rice krispie treats


I picked this tip up from my mom recently, to save her hands from becoming a sticky mess, she uses a piece of wax paper sprayed with Pam to press down rice krispie treats instead of putting butter on her hands. Genius! Thanks mom!


Watermelon Cake Tutorial

watermelon cake tutorial


I decided to go with the whole watermelon theme for Emden’s first birthday. Not sure why, especially since her dad detests watermelon, but nonetheless, I went with it. I think I liked the whole pink and green combination and well, watermelons are cute to say the least! I couldn’t wait to make […]

Tuesday Tip: Practice Piping

cake decorating tips


If you’re like me and try to save money by making your kids’ birthday cakes or maybe you’ve been thinking about trying, here’s a quick tip for you today: practice your piping on a paper plate BEFORE you pipe on the cake! It’s nice to make your mistakes on something that doesn’t matter, […]

Turtle Cake

turtle cake recipe

I came across this recipe on the back of a cake box when living in the dorms at Columbia College with Karissa Scott. I’m not sure why we were making a cake, but I remember making it with her. Perhaps we needed a study break!

Anyway, we’ve kept it around because my husband is a […]

How to Make Homemade Butter in a Jar

shake jar to make homemade butter

My husband grew up making homemade butter in a jar around Thanksgiving time, much like you would churn butter. I had never heard of such a thing and was very intrigued so I decided to try it out with the ladies in my MOM’s group at church.

It was so easy to do and I […]

Thursday Leftovers: Breakfast Burritos

sausage and bacon breakfast burritos for the freezer


If you never have time in the morning to make breakfast, try making these breakfast burritos on the weekend or day of the week when you have some time and then freeze them so you can grab them on those rushed mornings and eat them on your way to work or […]