Tuesday Tip: Store Kid Kitchenware Down Low

kids in the kitchen


I almost didn’t make this post today because of absentmindedness. Even though the kids are down which signals I’m off the clock, I’m going to make an exception and work on this post so I don’t mess up my blogging streak.

Since it’s Tuesday, I thought I’d throw a quick tip at […]

No More Naked Barbies

no more naked barbies


I saw a post about this on Pinterest and thought, duh, why haven’t I done this yet? Emden is not old enough to play with Barbies but my two boys like to get them out occasionally and play with some of my old ones.

I have to admit feel a bit awkward when […]

Batman Themed Birthday Party

batman birthday invitation ideas

We recently celebrated my son Rylan’s 5th birthday with a Batman themed party. It was a lot of fun and here is the whole scoop on the party in case you’re looking to throw a Batman party for your child!

1. Make or buy invitations to introduce your theme.

I […]

DIY Felt Super Hero Mask

I wanted a party favor for my son’s recent Batman birthday party, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I decided to make all the kids super hero masks out of felt. They did take quite a bit of time, but they’re still fairly easy to make so as long as you […]

Batman Birthday Cake

fondant batman birthday cake ideas

Our son Rylan turned 5 on December 27 but we have found what works best for us is celebrating it several weeks later to help spread all the excitement and present opening out. This year he wanted a Batman birthday because he LOVES everything Batman and knows all the characters from playing Lego Batman. I […]

Thursday Leftovers: Bring the Snow Inside!

how to play with snow

Yes, you heard me right! I know most of the time we kick off our boots and make every unsuccessful attempt to keep the snow outside of our houses, but I say…welcome it in!

If you happen to be like me and detest being cold but hate to be a scrooge and not let your […]

Ivory Soap Experiment for Kids

ivory soap experiment for kids

I had seen this experiment on Pinterest and was intrigued right away. A few weeks later, Rylan got sick and I just happened to have a couple bars of Ivory soap on hand and thought it would be a fun thing to do to break up the day. I have to admit, I think I […]

Tuesday Tip: Use Swim Noodle as Bed Rail

diy kid safety rail

So here’s a good tip for you with little one’s that I came across on Pinterest and have implemented for quite some time with my second boy, Owen: use a swim noodle as a bed rail.

When Owen we transitioned Owen to the bottom bed of the the bunk beds, we put up a bed […]

Easy T-Shirt Pirate Vest

easy t-shirt pirate vest


This last week my four year old, Rylan, decided he wanted to be a pirate. We had a hat, sword, and patch so I wasn’t worried about putting a costume together. A couple nights before Halloween we decided to go trunk-or-treating at the church where he goes to preschool. […]

Thursday Leftovers: Save Old Sheets for Tent Making


Remember building tents in your house when you were little? Nothing is better than getting to hiding out in a tent all day– especially if it is rainy or cold outside. I loved making tents and having a new space to explore and create in! Tents haven’t lost their appeal now that I’m […]