DIY Bunting

easy sew fall bunting


Ever since bunting became a craze, I’ve been in love with it. That being said, I’ve never gotten around to making any, that is until last month…

I helped throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law and thought bunting would be a good way to add some color to the room […]

Fall Burlap Wreath

burlap flower wreath tutorial


My friend Izzy had some leftover burlap from her vintage wedding that she passed off to me several months ago. Ever since then, I’ve been switching from burlap project to burlap project in my head and finally rested on this one. I have to say it was definitely a good choice!

I thought […]

Spiderman Toy Bin

how to store superhero toys


My boys are in love with superheroes which is no surprise because their daddy is too! Anyway, I had a little Superman bin holding all of their superheroes but it soon became too small for all of them and we needed to upgrade to something a little larger, so here is […]

Jute Wrapped Vase

Turn an ordinary vase into something great by wrapping it with jute. You can also use a tin can which would be great instead of throwing it away. I needed something tall so I just reused some vintage vases I had made with sewing patterns.


Start at the bottom and use hot […]

Paper & Paperclip Birds

baby birds in a nest diy


If you’re looking to add some accessories to a room right now, birds are definitely the thing right now and I love this trend. Birds are just so darn cute and when I saw these birds on Pinterest, I thought why not? I’m so glad I did, because I had all the […]

Thursday Repost: Newborn Dress Made From Daddy’s T-shirt

how to make a shirred dress out of a t-shirt


Some of our good friends had a baby girl recently and I was inspired to make something special for her. Her daddy is a die hard Royals fan and since there aren’t many of those, doing something Royals like came to mind when I was thinking of something to make for her.

I […]

Thursday Repost: Easy to Make Tulle Bows

easy to make tulle bow


These tulle bows are about as you can get to make. They would match perfectly with my no-sew fairy skirt or ballerina skirt. What little girl wouldn’t want of these outfits and they’re all so simple to make!

Supplies: tulle ribbon hair clip/headband

Game […]

Easy Felt Daisy Flower Tutorial

how to make a felt flower hair clip


This is seriously one of the simplest hair accessories to make. If you can cut neatly, then you can do it! I love these happy little flowers and they just look adorable on my little girl Emden!

Supplies: felt beads fabric scissors needle and thread headband or hair clip […]

Satin Poppy Flower Tutorial


Looking for a new hair accessory to make? These are just about the prettiest things ever and my little girl Emden has one in about every color! They don’t take long to make and are just so much fun!

Some of these I made from old bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses. They […]

Thursday Repost: How to Make a Simple Hair Bow

diy ribbon hair bow little girl


Have a little girl or granddaughter you love dressing up? Here’s a cheap and simple way to make hair bows. You can make one to match every outfit!

Supplies: ribbon floral wire hair clip hot glue gun Game Plan:

1. Lay ribbon back and forth on top of each other, creating as […]