Do you?

~have a hard time keeping organized and clutter free?

~wish you could find ways to save money?

~want ideas for parties, crafts, gifts, or decorating?

~wish you had more time to spend doing the things you enjoy?

About bradylou.com

I have lots of people ask me how I’ve done things or say, “I wish I could do that.”  Well, you can.  I hope bradylou.com will help you save money, time, and help you get organized.  My hope is for you to find a project you like or that you think will help ease your busy life and try it out.  My goal is for bradylou.com to motivate readers to duplicate one of my projects or inspire them to create one of their own.  I try to use step-by-step guides with lots of pictures for my projects so you can see exactly how to do it.   I want bradylou.com to be a place where we can all share do it yourself projects that are fun, helpful, and thrifty.

Becoming a Project Guru

Well, I don’t know if I had much to do with it all since as far back as I can remember I’ve always been guarding my piggy bank, organizing my room, and making crafts.  I have to give credit to God for making me the way he did.  My friends joke that I can do everything, which is totally not true; for example, I cannot win a game of hearts and there are many more on my list of failures.  Although I do have a knack for lots of things, I think the main difference is I have a passion for these things when most people don’t.

For example, as an elementary student I would stay at my best friend’s house and the first thing I would want to do is clean her room.  No joke.  She always had a messy room because like most normal kids, she didn’t want to clean it.  Being as my room was always clean, I would get so excited whenever I walked in her room and would immediately start organizing.  As I got older, I cleaned houses with a friend to make some extra money.  Now that I have my own house, I try to stay organized amidst the trains and cards scattered everywhere.  I have loved the never-ending project of making our house into a home: one that is safe, fun, and functional.

As for saving money, I am definitely the saver in the family and my husband is the spender.  I keep track of our budget and usually ask for practical items for birthdays and Christmas.  This drives my husband crazy because he never gets to have fun buying me things!  The way I see it, nothing is better than finding a great bargain!

When it comes to being crafty, I’ve dabbled in almost all of it.  I don’t think I’ve met a craft I didn’t like.  My favorite ways to exert my creative juices are making cards, painting, taking photos, digital scrapbooking, and anything to do with decorating.  There is just something about creating something out of nothing that my creative soul hungers.  I get to use my passion for taking photos and designing for my business ABColumbia that I do with my friend/neighbor Noelle.

About Me

I’m not only a project guru, but also a wife to the most amazing man, Jeff, and  the proud mother of two adorable boys (Rylan born in 2007 &  Owen born in 2010) and one beautiful girl (Emden born in 2012).  I love my life, even though I need reminded of that at times, and am so blessed with wonderful family and friends.  Most importantly, I am a child of God.  What a great feeling to belong to a perfect and holy Father who is always good.

I am a small town girl living in a small city, Columbia, Missouri.  I’m so thankful to have grown up in Shelbina, Missouri and as much as I love the conveniences of a city, I still crave the comfort and coziness of a small town.

My Top Ten List

(in no particular order)

1. wrapping up fresh clean boys from the tub

2. The fresh scent and vacuum lines of a clean house

3. Painting a white wall with color

4. A sleeping baby

5. Playing a nail-biter basketball game

6. Heaps of chocolate ice cream smothered with marshmallow topping

7. Kisses on my forehead from Jeff

8. Playing Nerts with my friends

9. Free shipping

10. Fluffernutter sandwiches

brady lou project guru

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8 comments to About

  • Melanie H

    Yea! Why didn’t I see it sooner? With all your how-to craftiness, you will make the perfect “project” blogger! I’m excited to add you to the blogs I already spend too much time reading (not to mention all the extra coffee I’m drinking while reading).

    –I’m gonna have to try those fluffernutters

    • Brady

      Mel, you’re so funny, and you’re definitely going to have to try those fluffernutters…I will be featuring them in an upcoming blog…they’re THAT good!

  • Teah Hopper

    I have never stopped to read your About Me until now. So many things made me laugh because I know whose room you used to clean and have fond memories of cleaning houses with you! AND share your love of Fluffernutters. 🙂 I love your blog and enjoy all your creative projects.

    • Brady

      Thanks Teah! Glad to have someone who doesn’t think I’m crazy for eating Fluffernutters and of course, couldn’t have had a better cleaning partner!

  • Judy Hall

    Hi! I just found your blog today and I love it! Your entries are so much fun to read and provide a wealth of information on just about everything I can think of. I noticed you are from Shelbina! My brother-in-law was born and raised in Shelbina. My mother-in-law loved to shop at Riley’s in Shelbina, you may be too young to remember that store! My husband moved to Hunnewell when he was a year old and there he stayed. He graduated from Monroe City High and then graduated from MU. His parents remained in Hunnewell for many years after we were married until my mother-in-law decided she needed to be closer to “town”, so they moved to Monroe City.

    • Brady

      So glad you introduced yourself. I do remember Riley’s and can still remember tagging along with my mom in there. I also remember several other stores that were downtown. So your husband was a Monroe City Panther…always good sports competitors.

  • Judy Hall

    p.s. I love that you named your darling daughter, Emden! What a great name!

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