Outer Space Birthday Party

Have a child who like space?  Here’s what we put together for our oldest son Rylan for his seventh birthday party.  I hope you can find something you can use for your space themed party!

Party Invitation 

I use Photoshop Elements to make my party invitations.  I just make a 4×6 file and save it as a .jpeg file and get them printed off at Wal-Mart for 9 cents a piece.  It’s really simple to do, I have fun making them, and the kids always enjoy seeing how they turn out.  I like to do invites because it sets the tone for the party so guests can anticipate the event.

space themed party invite

Space Birthday Cake or Cookie
astronaut big cookie

Space Themed Activities and Games

outer space birthday party activities

Space Themed Decorations

I try to spend minimal costs on the party.  I found several space themed things on clearance at Orientaltrading.com.  I always get balloons from the Dollar Tree to flank the table and send one home with each family.  The star balloons tied in nicely with the space theme.  We stuck a few things up on the wall and then just color coordinated the dishes for the food on the table.  I also had the kids hunt down all of our space themed toys and we set them up on the table and mantle, as well as out on the coffee table for kids to play with.  It really doesn’t take much at all to pull everything together.  Balloons included, I probably spent $15 on decorations.

space birthday party ideas space birthday party ideas

Space Themed Menu

space birthday party food ideas

Space Themed Attire

If possible, I try and match our outfits to the party theme.  All of these shirts I got on sale for $2-$3 so I didn’t mind getting all new ones.  Jeff and I just matched the colors of our kids’ shirts.  I wouldn’t go out and spend a lot of money, especially if they’re not ever going to wear it again.  These shirts are some of the boys’ favorites so they’ve definitely gotten their money back.

space birthday party ideas space birthday party ideas space birthday party ideas space birthday party ideas

Space Themed Wrapping Paper

I was fortunate enough to find two different space themed wrapping papers.

space birthday party ideas



What other ideas do you have for a space birthday party?

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