The Outside Shell is Complete

Even though I haven’t been blogging, luckily, stuff has been happening out at “the land.”  It’s actually starting to look like a home, that is, until you walk inside and see it’s just an empty shell still.  We’re working on that part, well, not us, but someone is.

craftsman house with blue siding and steel roof

It’s pretty cool to see all the different things you picked out come together.  We’re pretty happy with all of our decisions, just may have went with a slightly different shingle that doesn’t blend in so well with the rest of the house.  When we picked the shingle we thought it would be perfect because it was gray and had flecks of blue and brown in it, unfortunately, it has more blue in it than we realized.  It’s so hard to tell on tiny little swatches.

The siding we chose was evening blue hardie board.  Hardie board is a little more expensive than vinyl but is a lot more durable.  To add some interest to the outside, we picked straight shakes for two of the peaks and board and baton on a single peak.

Anyway, we’re really happy with our decision to go with the wider craftsman looking trim around the windows and the galvanized tin on the roof eyebrows.  We think the eyebrows will tie in nicely with the inside of the house that will be an industrial farmhouse feel.

craftsman house with blue siding and steel roof

The eaves brackets turned out great and we’ll have a tutorial on those up hopefully sometime next week.

We plan on making craftsman posts but that probably won’t happen until after we move in.  Otherwise there’s not a whole lot more to do on the outside, well, except for attending to our atrocious yard!  Unfortunately, it’s pointless to do anything until fall, so I just try to put on blinders so I don’t see the chaos.

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