Just a reminder that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week so make sure to take the time to do something special for your kiddo’s teachers, big or small, doesn’t matter.  I shared some ideas I am doing this year on Friday and another idea I’ve done is hit Sonic happy hour on the way to pick up Rylan and get some drinks for the teachers.  I used to teach, and I can’t think of a better surprise at the end of a long day!

Another idea is to give your teacher flowers, but if you can’t spend a ton of money on a nice bouquet, maybe a bouquard is the route for you.  It’s as if a bouquet of flowers and a cards got together and had a baby bouquard.  It’s way cheaper than a bouquet of flowers and just a bit more than a card, because let’s face it, cards are expensive these days!

I always have Rylan write out the things he likes about his teacher in a card because teachers need encouragement too!  Plus, it’s always good to give him opportunities to think about others and ways he can build them up with his words.  I’m not going to lie, he tends to grumble about the task, but he just doesn’t get the option not to do it.  I’m praying someday he’ll be creating cards on his own and writing them on his own because he wants to be kind, but for now, I’m content with him doing a good job when I ask him to.

send your mother flowers send your mother flowers send your mother flowers

We opted for the DIY version and cut it out ourselves.  You’ll notice in the bottom picture I forgot to use the fancy paper that adds a 3D effect.  Darn!  Rylan colored in the spine to give the back of the card some color but it looks pretty just left alone black and white.  If you want to check out the options, visit

These would also be great for Mother’s Day that is this Sunday!


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