Rocket Big Cookie

rocket big cookie space party

I have a lot of parties to catch up on and I’m working backwards on them, so next up is Rylan’s space themed birthday.  For his seventh birthday, he asked for a big cookie instead of a cake so we decided on a rocket because we thought it would be fairly easy and what boy doesn’t like a rocket?

Now, the M&Ms were a last minute thing.  We wanted the design to be a surprise, so when Rylan went down for rest time, we got to work.  I was planning on just making the rocket out of icing, but when I went to grab the icing, I noticed the large jar of M&Ms out of the corner of my eye and it was like they were speaking to me… within seconds an idea was born and the plan was changed.

Game Plan:

1. Make a batch of your favorite cookie dough.

2.  Spread the dough out onto a circular stone.

We’ve only used stones to cook our big cookies because they’re supposed to cook more evenly, but I’m sure a regular cookie sheet would work, just might be harder to get the center cooked without the edges getting really done.

3.  Using different colored M&Ms, outline the shapes first and then fill in with remaining M&Ms.

rocket big cookie space party

rocket big cookie space party

rocket big cookie space party

rocket big cookie space party

4.  Cooking time is obviously longer for a big cookie, somewhere probably between 20-35 minutes.  We just kept checking on it every five minutes.

5.  After the cookie cools, use icing to write out a message or add any details to the rocket.

Halfway through cooking, Jeff thought of putting yellow M&Ms around the rocket to represent stars, so we yanked the cookie out and pushed them in!  What a great idea!

rocket big cookie space party

Rylan was so surprised with his rocket.  He loved the M&Ms and I thought it was perfect because it gave it more of a metal look.  It was also way easier than using icing to make the rocket!  We might just use this technique again!

astronaut big cookie


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