Rainbow Birthday Party


In case you’re wanting to throw a rainbow party, here’s some of the things we did to put together a fun rainbow party for Emden’s third birthday.


Rainbow Invitation

I made this invitation using Photoshop and then saved it as a 4×6 .jpeg file and had it printed off as a picture for 9 cents at Walmart.

rainbow birthday party invite

Rainbow Decorations

Balloons are always a must at our parties, and luckily, the balloon fairy always brings balloons for the party the night before.  Somehow, she always knows the colors of the party too!

rainbow party planning

Rylan loves to decorate for the party, so he went the extra mile and drew some rainbows on balloons!

rainbow party planning

Again, it’s always great when you’re able to let the kids help.  Rylan made a LEGO rainbow so we put it on the table and he was so proud!

rainbow party planning rainbow party planning rainbow party planning


Rainbow Party Favors

I found these rainbow bags at a garage sale for fifty cents.  They worked perfectly for holding a rainbow of goodies for the kids including: Starbursts, Skittles, rainbow stickers, glow sticks, and fun dip.

rainbow party planning

Rainbow Themed Food

rainbow party planning

Use a color assortment of fruits and veggies to create a rainbow and clouds

rainbow party planning

We brought out the gumball machine for the party because kids have so much fun with it. Rainbow goldfish are a perfect salty snack for a rainbow party.

rainbow party planning

Rainbow Twizzlers, Veggie Straws, Rainbow Marshmallows, Skittles, and Fruity Pebbles mixed into Rice Krispie Treats helped continue the rainbow theme

rainbow party planning

Assorted fruit slices were another rainbow candy treat we added to the spread

rainbow party planning

Rainbow cupcakes were pretty easy to make and just looked adorable. I would have went with a blue icing to represent the sky, but I had a raspberry white chocolate mix I wanted to use up.

rainbow party planning

This is how the cupcakes looked on the inside with different colors of cake batter


Rainbow Cake

easy to make rainbow cake

layered rainbow cake

Rainbow Activities

rainbow birthday party activity ideas


Rainbow Tattoos

My kids are usually tatted up throughout the year, so when a special occasion comes around, we definitely go all out.  Emden loved sporting all her new rainbow tattoos.  We tat our kids up before the party and save some to put on the other kids during the party.

rainbow party planning

Rainbow Wrapping Paper

Carry the rainbow theme into the presents by finding rainbow wrapping paper or just brightly colored wrapping paper and gift bags.  It makes for more festive pictures!

rainbow party planning


Rainbow Colored Dress

I always try to match our clothes to the color scheme of the party.  I don’t tend to buy anything unless it’s only a couple of dollars.  Emden already had a rainbow shirt, which is how I decided her party theme and the rest of us just wore bright colors.  I found my shirt for just $5 and knew I would wear it afterwards since I love color!  Oh, and the headband for Emden I made!

rainbow party planning

What other rainbow party ideas do you have that I missed?


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