Patience & Progress

Framing is a fun, but long stage in the building process.

The fun part is seeing your home take shape and actually being able to walk through different rooms.

The hard part, at least for us, is waiting.  The weather has to cooperate during this stage and when you’re building during spring in Missouri, the weather often doesn’t cooperate.  We’ve been pretty lucky and this past week has been completely dry so they’ve been able to get a lot done.

Also, we’re not involved at all in this stage so we’re completely dependent on other people to show up and do the work.  Which is hard for us, because we framed our basement at our old house so we know the basics of framing but felt no where near capable of framing an entire home.  Plus, it’s not all that enjoyable, especially in such a large amount!  All in all, the process has been pretty painless and has only required a bit of patience at times.

The news for today is that roofing could go on tomorrow which would be really sweet!  I’ll try and post about it if that happens!

framing for new house

framing for new house

framing for new house

framing for new house

framing for new house

The back of the house

framing for new house

The front porch just poured

framing for new house

While the framers have been busy with building the walls and roof, we’ve been busy building corbels for the exterior.  We hope to get those finished up so you can look forward to a blog post on that relatively soon!


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