House Plans

So with building a house, comes lots of planning.  I know this sounds dreadful to most, but planning excites me.  Today though, I’m not actually going to get into the nitty gritty of our house plans but in case that’s what you were hoping for, here’s a little something for you:one floor plan


Don’t get me wrong, the picture above does get me excited, but as Jeff and I continue to grow in Christ, we are spending more and more time asking God what His plans are for this home and our lives.  We feel God letting us in on a little secret that there’s more to this life than just having kids, doing the right thing, building a dream home, and living the good life.  All those things are great and blessings from Him, but we’re beginning to see that there’s so much more God wants for us.

Warning, if these next several paragraphs sound confusing and contradictory, they most likely are, that’s where we are right now.  We wonder how much should we spend on a home when it doesn’t come with us to Heaven.  Should we sell it after we build it and buy something smaller so we will have more money to be able to give to others?  Should we buy nice fixtures we’ll be happy with forever or go cheaper to save money?  So many questions and our answers to them seem to change daily.

Originally, our plan when starting the house planning was building a home we would grow old in together and fill with grandkids, etc.  A nice, perfectly fine thought and still a dream of mine, however, the dream seems pretty selfish now because it’s only about OUR family.  God is showing us there’s more He wants from us and more He wants to give us.  So, the real house planning has started.  If we’re going to spend a significant amount of God’s money on this home, how are we going to use it to glorify Him?  How will we use our home to grow God’s kingdom?

After much discussion and praying, we have decided to still build like it is our forever home and it would be wonderful if we could stay there next to our friends.  However, we want to remain open to God’s plans for our lives, and if he is calling us to a different home, we pray we can let go of it.  If we’re ineffective in reaching out to others in that location or find we’re spending too much time on maintaining the home or yard, we want to be willing to let it go.  We no longer want to live lives all about us, but ones that are all about Him.

As of right now, we hope to use our home to house missionaries on furlough who need a place to stay and call home.  We also hope to be able to reach out and help out individuals or families who need to get back on their feet and through that process show them God’s love and disciple them.  We also want our home to be a hub for our kids’ friends where God’s love is talked about and shown to them.  When our kids get older, we hope to have foreign exchange students stay with us for a year and through that, share Christ with them.  We will continue to use our home to fellowship with fellow believers and help the church body connect with one another.  We hope to invite new church attendees over for dinner so we can get to know them.  And maybe, just maybe, we will fill our home with more children, not because we want more children, but because God calls us to take care of the widows and orphans and this verse we’ve been wrestling with from James 1:27

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

What are all the logistics of those things.  NO IDEA!  We haven’t gotten that far and frankly, God has a lot of work to do on us before we can do those things successfully.  However, we won’t ever be perfectly ready to take this on, we just have to be willing.  We know God will fill in the gaps for us–He’s the one who does the real work, the work of saving.  We just have to be willing to take the jump!

What plans do you have for your home?

Are those the same plans God has for it?

What about your life?

Does your life plan align with God’s?

What ways might God be asking you to take a leap of faith?

5 comments to House Plans

  • Becky Bilbro

    Wow!! I have tears in my eyes as I read this! How awesome is our God who continues to do a work in each of us!! May God be glorified in all you do and as He directs your paths. So humbled and thankful for you guys!!

  • Tammy

    Praying for God’s guidance for you and Jeff as you seek to do His will while building your house. Having been blessed with the ability to use our home to help others through fostering children/teens, I know He will lead your family also. God Bless and praying for you.

    • Brady

      Thanks Tammy, we appreciate the prayers and love the example you and Richard set in being the hands and feet of God. What a difference you made in their lives and their families’ lives. You’ll never know how far the ripple actually goes. I had actually brought you all up sometime this past year as an example of people who were living out God’s word and wondering how that might look for us.

  • Annie McEwen

    Finally found this post…don’t know how I have been missing them…Just thought it was a picture…Awesomeness!

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