Goodbye Beloved Home

Hello there!  Yes, it’s me, I’m alive!

I know it’s been over a year since I’ve actively blogged, but I’m back and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me regularly.  I haven’t been blogging because I ran out of material or projects, quite the opposite.  I’ve been busy crafting, creating, and just being a mom!

The latest news with our family is we just sold our house, official yesterday!  Woot!  Woot!  It was such a blessing to sell it, but if I’m honest, I gotta tell you I was sad to see this home go.

This home is where we brought all three of our babies home to, *tear*.  On top of that, we’ve done some major upgrades to this place and made it our own.  If you’ve been following me from the beginning, this is not news to you.  As sad as it was to part with this home we love, we are looking forward to the future, which I’ll share with you more on tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of our last moments spent together in our home.

brady lou project guru brady lou project guru brady lou project guru brady lou project guru

I wish I would say the last moments were all as happy as the pictures show, but I think the kids were just glad to leave because won’t these pictures don’t tell you is the kids were extremely tired of being there because there were no toys to play with and Mommy and Daddy had been busy cleaning and putting in screens.  They were also forced to eat Chinese, which they hated, on the deck so as not to make a mess, on a not so warm day.  Luckily, pictures help us to remember the good parts!

Before we left, we circled up and prayed over the house and for the family that would be calling it home soon.  We pray that they would feel the love of Christ when they walk into this home and if they don’t have a relationship with him, that someone would reach out to them in this neighborhood and tell them the good news.  As a way to extend God’s love, we decided to leave some fresh cut flowers for them, bought some soda for the fridge, and made some brownies and left them on a cake stand for them, because let’s face it, a snack is twice as good if it is stored in a covered cake stand!  We could have done way more in this area, but time got the best of us.  What kind of things did you do for the new owners when selling your house?

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