Door Decisions

This week has been an exciting, yet exhausting week with all of the little decisions about the little and big details of the home.  Jeff and I have the same style when it comes to homes so we thought this home building would be a bit of a breeze.  However, through this building process we’ve realized we’re not good decision makers.

For example, we knew right away we wanted a craftsman door with straight panels and a small window at the top.  Come to find out, there are lots of those and that’s where we struggle, determining what we like best and sticking to that decision.  We’ve probably debated about a front door for a month now and have changed it weekly.  What color?  First we wanted dark wood, then changed to light wood, and finally decided on medium wood.

deciding on a front door

This is what I started out with and narrowed it down to a light, medium and dark for us to choose from.

deciding on a front door

The light color option

deciding on a front door

The medium option

deciding on a front door

The dark option


We both like the look of a dark door the best, however, thought a lighter door would look better with the whole house because it would be more of a contrast.  Then we took into account the white molding and weren’t sure the light wood would look good against that.  So, that’s how we ended up deciding on the medium wood.  I’d ask you what color you would go with but I’m not sure I want to know because I would probably agree with you and want to switch again!  And this is just the first detail of choosing a front door.

We had wanted a dental shelf from the get go and then the last day I realized I wouldn’t be able to hang wreaths on the door, and well, if you’ve been following my blog you’re well aware I have a lot of wreaths I’ve made that need a home!  So, no shelf anymore.

deciding on a front door

Here’s an example with a dental shelf, definitely don’t like the window detail, at least that’s one thing we know!

Side lights were a given until we realized they added $2000 to the cost and we had to let those go.

Lastly, the window.  Gridlines or none?  Vertical and horizontal?  Just vertical?  We went with two vertical grid lines that will create three vertical rectangles.

deciding on a front door

Here’s our door without the shelf, but it will be a darker wood and will have two vertical grid lines in the window.

You see why we’re exhausted.  All of this for one door.  One door, out of a large house, so you do the math and you’ll see why we have become horrible decision makers.  It’s depressing to think about how much brain power we’ve wasted on deciding a front door, which has no eternal significance whatsoever.

Instead of feeling guilty and depressed though, we reminded ourselves that God’s still working on us.   We’re determined to get better at making decisions and moving on so we can find some balance and not be consumed by the things of this world!

What decisions do you struggle with?

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