DIY Jello Peeps


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted party details, but the parties still happened, I just didn’t blog about them.  Since we just recently had one for our little Emden who turned three, I thought I would share some of the things we did in case you were wanting to throw a rainbow party as well.  Do know, I stole most of these ideas off of pinterest so I take no credit for them!

Today I’m sharing on one treat that I almost didn’t end up doing because the day was so crazy.  However, I’m glad I did because lots of people commented on how good they were.  They’re basically Peeps, except they’re not in a cool shape but to make up for that, they are packed with way more flavor than your average Peep.  The process is really easy to do and would be fun to do with kids.  I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to let them help with the process because we all know things take longer with kids and frankly, we were down to minutes!


  • large marshamallows
  • jello in the flavors/colors you want
  • plastic bags for as many colors/flavors you want to do
  • platter
  • bowl of water

Game Plan:

1. Pour the jello powder into a plastic bag.

I used gallon size bags so I could do several marshmallows at the same time.

jello flavored marshmallows

2. Dip your marshmallow in the bowl of water so it gets completely wet.

jello flavored marshmallows

3. Toss the wet marshmallow into the plastic bag with the jello powder.

I chose to do 8-10 at a time with about half a bag of the powder, you could probably do more and you definitely could just do one at a time, but it would take longer.

jello flavored marshmallows

4. Seal the bag and then shake it until all marshmallows are coated.

5.  Take the marshmallows out and sit on a platter to let dry.

6.  If you want multiple colors/flavors, use a different bag for each.

7.  Once dry, toss the coated marshmallows in a bowl, on a platter, on a stick, whatever you think up!  

diy marshmallow peeps

These are so much fun- full of color and flavor!  I think the adults enjoyed them as much as the kids!

You’ll notice I had to move the pretty rainbow display of marshmallows into a bowl because I needed the platter for the fruit rainbow and all my other platters were packed up.  Oh well, still colorful in a bowl!

diy marshmallow peeps



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