The First Signs of a Home

Day two and I’m still at it.

I promised to tell you what was new with the Bilbros, and let me just say that we have a BIG project that is already underway, a new house!  My husband and I have a shared passion for building and creating and designing so we are very excited to be creating our own home.  Most of it has been fun, but I gotta be honest and say that it hasn’t been great ALL the time.

Even though we do have similar tastes in style, we do have different opinions.  Usually I’m wanting to think a little more outside the box on some choices, which may look like craziness to some people, and he likes to go with what everyone else is doing because it works.  I usually tend to go with what saves us money and he is more willing to spend more money to get something that lasts.  So as you can see, despite our crazy love for each other and Christ, we still have our squabbles over ridiculous things like pendant lamps and kitchen sinks.  Nonetheless, they’ve been rare and we are actually getting way better at making decisions together as this process goes along.

So, we started with a piece of land which we are so fortunate to have enough that we get to live by our friends who are also building their homes.  Next, we actually drew up our own house plans because we couldn’t find one that we liked enough to modify and our contractor, Cole McCollum, said we could.

Next we decided on everything else, from finishes to windows, to doors, floors, etc.  We are going for an industrial farmhouse feel and picking out all these things has been the most fun.

Then after waiting for bids and a permit, we decided on where we wanted our house, staked it out, and then broke ground!

brady lou project guru


The next exciting thing to happen was our gravel driveway was roughly laid.



Then they poured the footers to make sure our house stands up.

brady lou project guru


Next, the concrete was poured for our slab.  I gotta say, there’s some sort of optical illusion with a wide open space and a concrete pad because it looks so tiny!  However, we walked it off and the measurements seem to be right!

brady lou project guru


Lastly, our concrete room where we can escape to during tornados was poured.

building a home


And so there you have it, you’re all caught up.  It’s probably been about a month of work and this is where we are so far.  Luckily, we’ve done enough DIY projects that we are well aware that projects take three times as long as you think they will.  We are finding joy in seeing progress being made and the fact that for right now, we have no projects to work on because all of our work starts a bit later.  That’s the exciting part for me, but it has been pretty cool seeing each stage happen.

Check back on Monday to see what our plans our for our new home.

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