DIY Bunting


Ever since bunting became a craze, I’ve been in love with it.  That being said, I’ve never gotten around to making any, that is until last month…

I helped throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law and thought bunting would be a good way to add some color to the room for little to no cost (ended up being $0 because I had all the supplies on hand).  I figured while I was making that one, I might as well make an orange and black one to usher in fall.  So glad I did.

This project was super easy and very cheap for me because I was able to get all the material from my mom’s leftover quilt scrap collection.  I already had the thread and the only thing I ended up buying was casing for the fall bunting; I just used a pink gross grain ribbon I had on hand for the baby shower bunting.

 easy sew fall bunting

  • ribbon or casing
  • different fabrics (I prefer 5-6)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors or rotary cutter


Game Plan:

1.  Make a template out of cardstock of a triangle that is the size you want your bunting to be.

easy sew fall bunting

2.  Fold all your fabric and lay flat so when you cut out the triangles, you will get two triangles.

3.  Using your template, cut out as many triangles you need for the length of your bunting.  

I made mine way too long, but now know that I just need 16 triangles for our mantle.  I used a rotary cutter and yard stick, but scissors work too.  You will want to cut neatly though, because I left my edges raw.

easy sew fall bunting

4.  Using a straight stitch in a coordinating thread, sew each set of two triangles together.  

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew baby shower pink bunting


5.  Using a straight stitch, sew the triangles to a ribbon or in a casing.

A ribbon will work just fine if you are hanging the bunting in a place where it will only be seen from one side, but otherwise I would recommend using casing.  I actually prefer the look of casing and it only costs $1-$2.

easy sew baby shower pink bunting

easy sew fall bunting

Open up the casing and insert the triangles between the two flaps, then close and sew all together.

6. Hang up and enjoy the warmth and fun it creates!

easy sew fall bunting

Fireplace BEFORE

easy sew fall bunting

Fireplace AFTER with fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew fall bunting

easy sew baby shower pink bunting

We used the pink bunting to liven up the gift table


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2 comments to DIY Bunting

  • I continued with the triangles, spacing them 15 cm (6 in.) apart. As it turned out, I ended up with 19 triangles per length of ribbon. If my math is correct, that means I used 76 triangles in total for four lengths of bunting. Tie a loop at the end, et voilà!

  • Love your blog! Wanted to let you know that I just mentioned you in my latest blog post on my blog in reference to the cranberry candle you made in the wine glass. Simply BEAUTIFUL! Hope you will check out the blog post at Have a beautiful day and keep the great blog post coming :). Nikki

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