Thursday Repost: Newborn Dress Made From Daddy’s T-shirt


Some of our good friends had a baby girl recently and I was inspired to make something special for her.  Her daddy is a die hard Royals fan and since there aren’t many of those, doing something Royals like came to mind when I was thinking of something to make for her.

I asked her dad if he could spare a Royals t-shirt for his little girl and of course, that wasn’t  a problem.  Then I got to work…

make shirred dress from t-shirt

  • t-shirt
  • elastic thread
  • sewing machine
  • ribbon
  • felt
Game Plan:

1.  Determine the length of your dress and cut it off the bottom of the t-shirt (the bottom of the t-shirt will be the bottom of the dress)

I would have LOVED to have been able to use the Royals logo but I thought as far as dress construction goes, it would be better just to keep it blue.  I would love to make another one of these to see how it looks with a big logo on the dress.

newborn dress made from daddy's t-shirt

Daddy’s Royals T-shirt

2.  You will probably not want to cut the width down of the t-shirt unless you do want a newborn or 0-3 month sized dress.

I used a little over half the width of the shirt and sewed it back together but I wish I would’ve just used the whole bottom because it scrunched up quite a bit.  I think the shirt was a size large to begin with.

3. Shirr the top of your dress by following Sandy Henderson’s tutorial on shirring.

I did 9-10 rows of stitching for the top of this dress.

newborn dress made from daddy's royals t-shirt

shirred newborn dress made from a t-shirt

4.  Attach 4 long strips of ribbon to the dress using a sewing machine.  These tie together to make the straps of the dress.

I sewed along the lines already in the dress from shirring so the stitches would be hidden.  I sewed two lines across on each piece of ribbon.

how to make a shirred dress from a t-shirt

5. Stitch a ribbon along the edge of the dress by sewing along the top and bottom of the ribbon.

newborn dress made from a t-shirt6.  Cut out a circle of white felt.

7.  Stitch baseball lines onto the white felt circle.

I actually had this baseball looking stitch on my sewing machine which made it super easy.

8.  Attach the baseball to the dress with a white stitch all the way around the ball.

newborn dress made from daddys t-shirt

9.  Tie the ribbons together to make straps for the dress.

how to make a shirred dress out of a t-shirt

I wanted to be able to show you what this looked like on a baby, so I threw it on Emden before wrapping it up for Reese.  I thought it turned out adorable.

newborn dress from a t-shirt

newborn dress from a t-shirt

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What interesting things have you made from a t-shirt?

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