Paper & Paperclip Birds


If you’re looking to add some accessories to a room right now, birds are definitely the thing right now and I love this trend.  Birds are just so darn cute and when I saw these birds on Pinterest, I thought why not?  I’m so glad I did, because I had all the supplies on hand and therefore cost me $0, plus they were easy to make and super cute!

I love that you can make these any color you want.  I had to make a “fun” bird just because I wanted to see how cute it would be, not that it would match anything in our house.  I’m glad I did though, because Rylan adopted it…I should’ve known; his bed is practically an animal shelter.

baby birds in a nest diy

  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paperclips
  • double stick tape
  • ink pad
  • jute
  • raffia


Game Plan:

1.  Draw birds onto card stock and cut out to make a template or use the ones I did at Charcoal & Crayons.

2.  To make the “kid” birds, just insert into word and make them smaller and print and cut into templates.

3.  Fold scrapbook paper and using the template, cut out your birds and wings.  

By folding the template, you cut out both sides of the bird at once!


baby birds in a nest diy

baby birds in a nest diy

baby birds in a nest diy

4.  Rub the ink pad on the edges of your birds and wings.

I used brown to create an aged effect.

baby birds in a nest diy


baby birds in a nest diy


5.  Glue wings to each side of the bird.

6.  Glue the top portion of your bird together, but don’t adhere glue to the bottom portion.

baby birds in a nest diy

7.  Straighten out one loop of your paperclips.

Make sure you don’t end up with two left feet or two right because I think it creates balance issues.

baby birds in a nest diy

8.  Put a piece of double stick tape along bottom of bird, press paperclip legs onto tape, add another piece of double stick tape on top and then press the bird firmly on top.

baby birds in a nest diy

9.  Cut a circle out of felt as big as you want the bottom of your nest.

baby birds in a nest diy

This is what the bottom of my nest looks like


10.  Glue jute onto bottom of felt in a swirl and then when you’re ready to make the sides you just gluing on the outside upper edge and keep twisting.  Just cut the jute whenever you get it to the size you want.

baby birds in a nest diy

11.  Cut little strips of raffia and using a hot glue gun, glue into your nest.

12.  Make baby birds for your nest, just like in the above instructions, but I don’t put legs on them.

13.  Glue baby birds into nest with hot glue.

baby birds in a nest diy baby birds in a nest diy

Now we have a bird family in our home that is representative of ours.  What an adorable little bird family!

baby birds in a nest diy baby birds in a nest diy baby birds in a nest diy
scrapbook paper bird decor

I thought these would be cute to make for a wedding cake topper with just the two birds and do them in the wedding colors.  Would be super cute and cheap!  I also thought you could put these on a canvas, minus the legs, and have a cute piece of art, and lastly, you could use half of the bird and glue it on some cardstock to make a cute greeting card.  The possibilities are endless…

What idea do you have for these little birds?


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