Closet Makeover


My poor mother-in-law has been dealing with small old closets for a long time.  We finally made plans to give her closet a makeover to make it more functional, prettier, and brighter.  For one day’s work, I thought it turned out pretty well.  It’s definitely not perfect, but it is a much needed improvement.

I’ll go ahead and show your the transformation in pictures and then end with a short breakdown of what we did.

closet makeover


closet makeover

closet makeover

Before there were lots of items stored on the floor because there was nowhere else for them to be stored


closet makeover

The wallpaper was in a very sad state

bedroom closet makeover

In the middle of tearing off two layers of old wallpaper

updating an old closet

After most of the wallpaper was off and cracks had been mudded and sanded

closet makeover


how to update an old closet

…and then there was light!

closet makeover


closet makeovercloset makeover

Here’s what we did to makeover her closet:

1.  Remove old shelves located behind the hanging clothes which made them pretty much useless.

2.  Tore off two layers of old wallpaper.  We didn’t put as much elbow grease as we should have on this step.  If we did this project again, we would’ve planned for two days and spent more time on this step.

3.  Put mesh tape on large cracks.  Fill cracks and cover mesh tape with mudd.  We let it dry and then sanded it down.

4.  Cleaned up the closet and wiped down the walls.

5.  Painted two coats of yellow.

6.  Jeff ran electrical to put in a light above her door– this really was the best part because there was no light before and it was difficult to see in there.

7.  Installed two new rods, giving her double the space for hanging clothes.

8.  Hung a wire organizer that is supposed to be for kitchen cabinets on the wall for her to store wrapping paper.  This is a great way to clear up floor space and take advantage of unused wall space.

9.  Hung an organizer for her to store belts and scarves.

10.  Put two new tubs below the hanging clothes for her to store other items.

11.  Put back the top shelf for her to store items that aren’t often used.

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What closet in your house needs some reorganizing?

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