Tuesday Tip: Glam Up Your Bobby Pins

Tend to throw some bobby pins in your hair to keep your hair out of your face or just for a little something different than keeping it all down?  Well I do and the other day I came up with this brilliant idea and don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it earlier, and don’t get too excited, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before millions of times, the thought had simply never crossed my mind until a couple weeks ago.  Sorry for that run-on sentence that perhaps was incomplete also.

Anyway, glam up your plain ol’ bobby pins by using a hot glue gun to add gems to them.  Just add one for a touch of sparkle or two or three to catch someone’s eye, and if you’re really daring, you can make a statement by blinging the whole thing out.  So easy to do!  You’ll see I got a bit carried away!

Oh, and you can add buttons or pearls to them too.  Really, whatever you can get to stick on them!  Go ahead, make yourself some today!

glam up your bobby pins

These two supplies are all you need besides a hot glue gun

glam up your bobby pins

My assortment of buttons I was looking through to see what I had pairs of

glam up your bobby pins

Squirt a strip of hot glue on the back and push the bobby pin into it until set

glam up your bobby pins

glam up your bobby pins
glam up your bobby pinsglam up your bobby pinsglam up your bobby pinsglam up your bobby pins

glam up your bobby pins

bling bobby pin tutorial

How gorgeous are these?

glam up your bobby pins

Buttons make for a cute, understated look

pearl bobby pins tutorial

Pearl beads glued on

Which style is your favorite?

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