Thursday Repost: How to Make a Simple Hair Bow


Have a little girl or granddaughter you love dressing up? Here’s a cheap and simple way to make hair bows.  You can make one to match every outfit!

diy ribbon hair bow little girl

  • ribbon
  • floral wire
  • hair clip
  • hot glue gun
Game Plan:

1.  Lay ribbon back and forth on top of each other, creating as many loops as you want.

Make sure there are an even amount of loops on each side.  Cut the ribbon after you have your loops and continue to hold the ribbon in the center of the loops.

how to make a hair bow

simple ribbon hair bow tutorial

2.  Get a small piece of floral wire and wrap it around the ribbon.  Twist the wire to secure the loops in place and then cut off any extra wire.

simple ribbon hair bow tutorial

3.  Pull the ribbon loops apart.

diy ribbon hair bow

4.  Cut a small piece of ribbon (enough to wrap around the wire) and then secure it in place with hot glue.

Since I was using thick ribbon I folded the edges of the ribbon under it to make it not as wide of a center.

diy ribbon hair bow

5.  Hot glue a hair clip of your choice to the back of the bow.

diy ribbon hair bow

Glue a clip to the back of the bow

6.  Fluff the loops using your fingers.

Wire ribbon is the easiest to manipulate and shape.

diy make a ribbon hair bow

Fluff up the ribbon loops

I made the pink bow the exact same way as the green bow.  The green bow is made using wire ribbon and the pink bow is not.  The green bow has a much prettier shape because of the type of ribbon I used.

diy ribbon hair bow

These bows fit perfectly into the paper gift boxes I showed how to make on a previous post.  What little girl wouldn’t love getting one of these adorable bows wrapped up in a special box?

diy ribbon hair bow

What tips do you have for making hair bows?

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