Pale Mint Flowers Tutorial


I didn’t know what to call these flowers, so I went with the color of the flower rather than the type.  I actually made these flowers from a bridesmaid dress of my friend Noelle’s.  It was a two layer dress and so I came up with this flower to use both of the layers.

I thought they turned out great, especially since it is not a traditional pink flower.  It’s soft and elegant and just oh so perfect!

diy pale mint fabric flower

  • fabric (not really sure what they are since I got them off of a dress)
  • fabric scissors
  • thread and needle
  • pearls
  • candle and lighter
Game Plan:

1.  Make a flower template to cut out layers for your flower and then cut the layers!

I usually cut two or three of each layer of fabric for each flower, all the same size.  You could play around and use different sizes though on the same flower.

fabric flower tutorial made from bridesmaid dress

2.  Light a candle and then hold the fabric next to the flame, not in the flame, so it curls up.

diy pale mint fabric flowers

3.  Using a needle and thread, sew three pearl beads into the center of the flower to hold it in place.

diy pale mint fabric flower

4.  Glue a hair clip on the back, or a pin, or use these on a wreath or purse, the possibilities are endless!

diy pale mint fabric flowerpale mint fabric flowerdiy pale mint fabric flower

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