DIY Twine Letter Wreath with Felt Flowers

I helped out with my friend Teah’s second Pinterest party a couple months ago.  Our last Pinterest party we made a winter wreath, so we decided to keep with the whole door hanging theme, but this time do one for spring.

  • wooden or chipboard letter
  • ribbon or strip of fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • twine or jute
  • felt
  • beads or gems for flower centers
Game Plan:

1.  Start wrapping your letter with twine, putting dabs of glue along the back of the letter to hold it in place.

Each letter is different, so the wrapping technique should be specific to your letter.  The easiest and cleanest way you can get it done is the way I would choose.  B and R are probably the most difficult letters– lucky me!  The thicker your twine or jute, the faster the process.  Also, if you have a hole in your letter you’re feeding your twine through, you’ll have to cut sections of it and once you get to the end of the length, just cut it so it ends on the back of the letter and hot glue it in place.

how to make a letter door hangingdiy twine letter wreath with felt flowers

how to make a letter door hanging

2.  Glue sprig flowers onto wreath.

how to make letter door hanging for spring

3.  Make felt flowers following my felt flower daisy tutorial.

Make one flower with both small and large petals, and then two with just small petals.

felt flower tutorial

4.  Glue flowers into desired places.

felt flowers

tutorial spring twine letter with flowers

5.  Use twine, ribbon, or a strip of cloth to hang your letter!

twine wreath letter tutorial with flowers

tutorial spring twine letter wreath with flowers

how to make a letter door hanging

Everyone is busy working on their wreaths except me, I’m busy working on a cupcake!

how to make a letter door hanging

how to make a letter door hanging

how to make a letter door hanging

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