Watermelon Sugar Cookies

This past month, we celebrated my daughter Emden’s first birthday with a watermelon theme.  What’s a party without cookies?  I couldn’t resist making these cute little watermelon sugar cookies.

  • sugar cookies with green food coloring
  • pink icing
  • mini chocolate chips
Game Plan:

1.  Make some sugar cookie dough and add in some green food coloring.

I cheated on this step and had some high school girls make the green sugar cookies for me to save some time!

watermelon sugar cookies

2.  Spread some pink icing onto the cookies, leaving a green rim around the outside.

how to make watermelon cookies

3.  Sprinkle on some mini chocolate chips!  How easy was that?

how to make watermelon cookies

watermelon sugar cookies

watermelon sugar cookies

watermelon sugar cookies

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