Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats


I was so excited to make these for Emden’s watermelon birthday party, but time got away from me so my mom and Jeff ended up making them for me while I attended to other party stuff!   Look at what a great job they did!  These were the first treats to go at the party!

  • Rice Krispie Cereal
  • marshmallows
  • pink and green food coloring
  • chocolate chips
Game Plan:

1.  Make rice krispie treats as normal, except divide the marshmallows into two bowls before melting.

2.  Once marshmallows are melted, dye one bowl of melted marshmallows pink and the other green.

3.  Pour the appropriate amount of rice krispies into each bowl of colored melted marshmallow and mix together.

4.  Pour the pink Rice Krispies into a small circle pan and press into place.

5.  Flip the pan over and dump it into a larger circle pan.

6.  Fill in the empty space around the pink circle of Rice Krispies with green Rice Krispies.

watermelon birthday ideas

7.  Press down firmly on Rice Krispie treats, using this helpful tip I learned from my mom.

watermelon birthday ideas

8. Dump upside down onto a plate.

9.  Place chocolate chips on the pink section.

watermelon birthday ideas

watermelon birthday ideas

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