Watermelon Cake Tutorial


I decided to go with the whole watermelon theme for Emden’s first birthday.  Not sure why, especially since her dad detests watermelon, but nonetheless, I went with it.  I think I liked the whole pink and green combination and well, watermelons are cute to say the least!  I couldn’t wait to make the cake and although it didn’t end up looking as great as I would’ve liked, it was still a fun cake and I love that the inside looked like a watermelon too!

  • mini or regular chocolate chips
  • strawberry cake
  • white icing
Game Plan:

1.  Make a strawberry cake mix and before you put it into two identical circle pans, stir in mini or regular chocolate chips.

I used mini chocolate chips but wish I would’ve used regular sized chocolate chips.  If you don’t like strawberry cake, you could always use a white cake and color it pink with food coloring.

watermelon cake tutorialwatermelon cake tutorial

2.  Bake your cakes and let cool.

3.  Cut off the rounded tops of the cakes so they are level.

4.  Freeze the cakes by wrapping them in foil and placing in freezer bags.

Freezing the cakes, allows for less cake crumbs when icing.

5.  Pull out cakes when you’re ready to ice.

We usually ice our cakes the night before the party to avoid adding stress to the big day!

6.  Color some of the white icing pink and use this between the two layers of cake.

If you’re feeling generous, sprinkle some chocolate chips between the two layers too!

watermelon cake tutorial

7.  Make a circle of pink icing on the top of the cake, leaving about an inch blank around the edges.

8.  Color some of your white icing light green and some dark green.

9.  Create alternating stripes up the side of the cake and rim of the top of the cake with the two colors of green icing.

watermelon cake tutorial

10.  Smooth out the icing as much as possible and clean cake plate or stand.

11.  Write a birthday message or name in the middle of the cake.

12.  Pipe dark green lines between the stripes to outline them.

13.  Sprinkle chocolate chips on the pink icing on the top of the cake.

watermelon cake tutorial14.  Using a star tip, pipe along the bottom of the cake to create a clean edge.

watermelon cake tutorialdiy watermelon birthday cake

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