Watermelon Birthday Party Themed Food

When hosting a party, we usually have it in the afternoons since our kids go to bed early.  I always try to provide a mixture of sweets and salts and a few healthy options.  I didn’t want to go entirely with watermelon flavored food otherwise everything would taste the same, just be different textures.  I tried to stick to pinks, reds, and greens though.  Here is what I came up with for little Emden’s birthday party…

watermelon party food menu

Raisins made pretend watermelon seeds

watermelon party food menu

These are one of our family's favorite candy

watermelon party food menu

Green grapes made perfect "baby watermelons"

watermelon party food menu

I found some watermelon licorice

watermelon party food menu

Water and pink lemonade were our refreshments

watermelon birthday ideas

Rice Krispie treats

watermelon sugar cookies

Sugar Cookies

diy watermelon birthday cake

strawberry cake with chocolate chips

And of course, watermelon is always a good choice.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in season when we had Emden’s party, but if it was I would’ve attempted to do a watermelon carving of something and cut up little pieces of watermelon to put inside.  What kid wouldn’t love that?

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