Watermelon Birthday Art Activity


What’s a party without games or activities?  For my daughter Emden’s first year birthday I decided to just do one activity since well, she wouldn’t be able to participate in any of them anyway.  If you’re planning your watermelon party in the summer, one easy game would be a seed spitting contest.  It was cold and not yet watermelon season, so I opted for a simple art activity.

  • cheap paper plates with ridges
  • green, red, and black markers or crayons
  • scissors

Game Plan:

1.  Cut paper plates in half with scissors.

2.  Color the middle pink or red.

3. Color the ridges alternating green stripes.

watermelon themed birthday party

4.  Draw seeds on the red or pink part.

5.  Have an example already finished so the kids have something to go off of, but of course, they can make it however they want!

watermelon birthday party game ideas

watermelon themed birthday party

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