Thursday Repost: Vintage & Rustic Wreath


For my friend Izzy’s shower, I wanted to create some bridal shower decorations that she could use in her home later if she wanted to.  This vintage and rustic wreath not only looked great as a focal point for the food table, but will also look fabulous on their door, welcoming everyone into their home.

inexpensive vintage wedding decorations

  • twig wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • lace doilies
  • satin fabric
  • lace
  • felt
  • chipboard letter
  • sewing pattern, newspaper, or sheet music
  • Mod Podge
  • scissors
Game Plan:

1.  Begin with a plain twig wreath.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 and used a 40% off coupon.

bridal shower decorations twig wreath lace red

Begin with a bare twig wreath

2.  Hot glue lace doilies to the wreath.

I laid out my pattern of flowers and doilies on the wreath before I glued anything down.

bridal shower decorations twig lace red

Hot glue lace doilies to wreath

3.  Make rolled fabric flowers out of satin by following my rolled fabric flowers tutorial.

4.  Make lace flowers following my lace flower tutorial.

5.  Attach satin and lace flowers to twig wreath with a hot glue gun.

vintage rustic wreath

bridal shower decorations lace twig red

vintage and rustic wreath wedding

6.  Using Mod Podge, cover a chipboard letter of the bride’s soon to be last name with an old sewing pattern, newspaper, or piece of sheet music.

chipboard sewing pattern f

covering chipboard letter with old sewing patter for vintage look

7.  Hot glue the chipboard letter to the wreath, off centered.

rustic and vintage wedding wreath

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