Thursday Repost: Craigslist Dresser Makeover


I think it is probably safe to say any makeover deserves a repost, am I right?

We got this dresser off of Craigslist for just $40.  She’s a beaut, right?  Well, maybe not when we got her, but after a bit of work, she’s as good as new.

When we showed up to look at it, I was ecstatic but it is solid wood and heavy duty.  The drawers were also in good working order.  Here’s what we did to give it a new life.

how to makeover a dresser

Game Plan:

1.  Dust off the dresser.

2.  Fill in the nicks and scratches with wood putty.

how to makeover a dresser

3.  Sand the dresser.

4.  Paint a coat of primer.

5.  Paint a couple coats of white paint.

6.  Put on new hardware.

how to makeover a dresser


diy paint a dresser white


how to paint a dresser white diy

how to makeover a dresser

What piece of furniture do you have that could use a makeover?

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