DIY Watermelon Paper Fan Decoration

I wanted to put a little bit of effort into decorating for the party, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of time or very much money, so this is one of the decorations I decided to make for the party.

  • red, pink, black and green paper or card stock
  • glue or double stick tape
  • stapler
Game Plan:

1.  Cut off an inch on both sides of your red or pink paper.

watermelon paper fan decorationwatermelon paper fan decoration

2.  Glue the red paper to the green.

3.  Fold the papers lengthwise in 1/2 inch segments, until the entire paper is folded.

watermelon themed birthday party

4.  Fold the papers in half on the side.

watermelon themed birthday party

5.  Staple, glue, or tape the inside flaps together.  Repeat this process with two of three more.

watermelon themed birthday party

6.  Staple, glue, or tape the three sections together.

watermelon themed birthday party

7.  Cut out black seeds and glue or tape on the red section.
watermelon themed birthday party

8.  Punch a hole and hang with string or sit on a mantle or tape to a wall!

watermelon themed birthday partywatermelon themed birthday party

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