DIY Watermelon Hair Clip

I wanted to do something fun for the girls coming to Emden’s party, so I decided to make some watermelon hair clips.  They make the perfect take home gift for a watermelon party and they’re pretty easy to make if you have 20 minutes to an hour of time to devote to them (the length of time depends on the amount you’re making).

how to make a watermelon hair pretty

  • red or pink felt
  • green felt
  • small black beads
  • black thread
  • hair clips or bobby pins
  • hot glue gun
  • candle
Game Plan:

1.  Cut a circle of green felt.

The size depends on how large you want your watermelons to be.  I made mine pretty small and my green felt circles was approximately the size of a half dollar.

diy watermelon hair clip

2.  Cut a circle of pink or red felt about 1/2 inch smaller than the green circle.

diy watermelon hair clipdiy watermelon hair clip

3.  Cut the red and green circles in half.

diy watermelon hair clip

Cut circles in half to make watermelon slices

4.  Sew tiny black beads onto the red felt.

It doesn’t matter what the back of the felt looks like so you can be as messy as you need to be!

diy watermelon hair clip

Sew black beads on to look like watermelon seeds

diy watermelon hair clip5.  Using a candle, burn the edges of the slices to seal the edges and give a clean look.

Do not actually put the felt in the flame, just next to the flame.

watermelon birthday party gift bag ideas

6.  Using hot glue, glue the red or pink half circle that has been beaded to the green half circle.

7.  Hot glue a hair clip onto the back of the green circle and ta-dah!  You’re done!

diy watermelon hair clip

diy watermelon hair clip

make your own felt watermelon hair clip

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