Brady Recommends: Hunger Games Trilogy

It has been years, probably five or so since I’ve read a book I just can’t seem to put down.  I got really burnt out on reading through college and thought I had lost my love for reading…until I started reading The Hunger Games Trilogy.

hunger games trilogy review

I know it is not an award winning book or anything and I think it is even meant for a high school audience, but I loved it and well, if you’re looking for an easy read to just enjoy, it’s a must!

My husband, Jeff, had finished reading the first one on his kindle and when he finished he said I needed to read it.  He read through the first book pretty fast and I’ve never considered him a reader.  Sure, we both read lots of self-help and devotional books, which are great for growing ourselves but those are pretty easy to put down and we often find ourselves frantically reading all the chapters due the night before our discussions.

Since I don’t get recommended books by him often, I decided to read it.  We ended up buying the trilogy on Amazon and to make a long story short, I quickly caught up to Jeff and the both of us finished all three books in 1-2 weeks.  That’s crazy for us and Jeff thinks it might be the first book he’s ever read for fun because somehow he was able to get through high school without ever reading a book (we are so different in some ways!).

We finished reading the last chapter of the last book together and then the next evening rented The Hunger Games to watch for the second time.  The second Hunger Games movie will be coming out in theaters this fall and we can’t wait!

In case you’re wanting to follow up on my recommendation, I thought I would include the links to find the trilogy on Amazon although you can always borrow from someone else or get them in a store.

Here’s the link for the Kindle edition…

and the paperback edition…

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