Blog Break

Well, hello there!  It has been awhile since we last talked.  Don’t worry, nothing tragic has happened to me…I simply got off my routine of blogging and failed to carve out some time to get back into it.  I thought I might eventually have some down time to get back into it, but who was I kidding, downtime is simply non-existent at my current stage of life with three little ones.  I’ve been busy:

getting kids dressed and undressed to play in the snow and occasionally making it out there myself,

brady lou project guru

playing Legos with the boys (all three of them!),

playing lego

hanging out with my gorgeous husband,

brady lou project guru

trying to change grumpy hearts into loving ones,

brady lou project guru

creating new hair clips and increasing my inventory of hair pretties,

brady lou project guru

and occasionally I get the time to take a shower and get cute (thanks to my sister and Stephanie for the new scarf)!

brady lou project guru

So our last month has been full of projects, some I’ll eventually post on and others quite frankly aren’t post worthy.  I’ve still got a long to do list, but that seems to be a constant.  I’ve been trying to just enjoy each day and be content with what I accomplish each day, even if it is just a clean floor…that stays clean for only an hour!

Here’s to hoping you get something accomplished today and I’ll get a post up again tomorrow!

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