Tuesday Tip: Clean & Reuse Finished Candle Jars


It’s always a sad day when you can’t get your candle to light anymore because the wick is surrounded by wax.  What a waste!

I recently got a wax warmer thing though and melted the wax and then dumped it into the top of the lid.  Worked like a dream!

On a related note, I hate throwing away a perfectly good glass jar and decided to see if a could salvage my most recently finished candle.  It didn’t take much work at all and I used it right away to hold some treats for Rylan’s birthday party.  I know you can find simple glass jars at the $1 store, but hey, this one was free and I saved some space in our local landfill!

  • hot water
  • elbow grease!
Game Plan:

how to clean candle jars

1.  Pour super hot water into candle, this will melt the wax and make it float to the surface.

how to clean candle jars

2.  Let water and wax cool completely, then lift the floating wax out.

You may have to break the wax in half to get it out.

how to clean candle jars

3.  Use some elbow grease to get the remaining wax stuck to the sides of the jar off.  Like new!

clean and reuse candle jars

What other everyday items do you repurpose that most people throw away?

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