DIY Batman Birthday Party Decorations

For our five year old’s recent Batman birthday party, I wanted to create a fun Batman themed atmosphere without spending a lot of money so here is what I came up with.

1.  Bats

I used the same template for making the Bat symbol on top of the Batman Birthday Cake, to make bats out of black card stock.  I punched a whole in the top and then used fishing line to hang them from our chandelier.

cheap batman party decorations

2.  Filled the mantle with Batman toys.

batman birthday party decoration ideas

3.  Made a Batman sign for the mantle.

batman birthday party decoration ideas

4.  Made a sign like the one on the mantle for our front door that said, “Welcome to the Batcave.”

5.  Created a collage of Batman coloring pages.

The week of the party Rylan, Owen and I colored lots of Batman pictures and then we used painter’s tape to stick them to our wall.  Ry loved having his artwork on display.

diy batman birthday party decorations6. Blow up black, yellow, and blue balloons and then use a sharpie marker to draw the Bat Symbol and a kid’s name onto each one.

We let each kid take his balloon home because kids LOVE balloons and we didn’t need all of them in our house!

batman birthday party decoration ideasdiy batman birthday party decorations

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