Batman Themed Birthday Party

We recently celebrated my son Rylan’s 5th birthday with a Batman themed party.  It was a lot of fun and here is the whole scoop on the party in case you’re looking to throw a Batman party for your child!

batman birthday party shirts

1.  Make or buy invitations to introduce your theme.

I made my invitations in Photoshop and had them printed as 4×6 photos.  It is an easy way to get personalized invitations for cheap!

batman birthday invitation ideas

2. Decorate the place!

batman birthday party decoration ideas

3. Have your food go along with the Batman theme.

batman birthday party menu

4.  Encourage others to wear Batman shirts if they have them.

This was the first time I did this and I just wrote it on the invitation.  I’m really glad I did because it made for better birthday photos.

batman birthday party shirts

Our family in our Batman shirts!

batman themed birthday party

Emden & Mimi

batman themed birthday party

Brother& Sister

batman birthday party ideas

Rylan & Justin

5. Do Batman inspired games and activities.

batman games and activities

6.  Make a Batman Birthday Cake

diy batman fondant birthday cake

7.  Batman Party Favors

I found Batman activity packs at Target, made super hero masks out of felt, and then made little personalized Batman containers to store them in.

diy batman themed party favors

diy batman party favors

I found these plastic bins at The Dollar Tree

batman diy party favors

I made a Batman label for each kid and printed them off onto computer paper

diy batman party favors

I used Mod Podge to adhear the label to the bin and then another layer on top of that to seal it. You could see where I put the Mod Podge after it dried but little kids don't care!

What did I miss?  Have any ideas for throwing a Batman party?

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