Batman Games & Activities

We recently had a Batman birthday for my son Rylan’s 5th birthday.  To help celebrate his special day, we put together a few Batman activities he could play with his friends.  They weren’t anything too extravagant, but the kids enjoyed them all.

1.  Batman Coloring Pages

When kids arrived we had a table set up with crayons and Batman coloring pages I had printed off the internet.  This is a good activity to start off with because usually even your shy kids aren’t too afraid to join in.  This also gives them a keepsake to take home.

batman games and activities

2.  Batman Dress Up

We have quite a bit of Batman dress up stuff so we put it all into a Batman bag and let the kids pick out what they wanted to dress up in.

batman birthday party game ideas

3. Batman Says

It’s just like the game Simon Says, except you say Batman.  My husband made it a little bit more fun by saying things like, Batman says:

  • throw down a smoke bomb
  • throw your grappling hook
  • punch Joker in the face
  • give Robin a high five

batman games and activities

batman games and activities

batman games and activities

4.  Mr. Freeze Dance

This one was my favorite because few things are better than watching little ones dance.  Just play some music and when the music stops, everyone freezes.  We chose Footloose.

5.  Batman Free Play

We set up all of our Batman toys and the kids were able to free play with them all.

batman games and activities

batman games and activitiesbatman games and activities

Need a cake for your Batman Party?  Why not make one yourself like I did?

Batman Birthday Cake

batman birthday cake

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