Batman Birthday Party Menu

At our son’s recent five year birthday party, we did our best to put together a menu to go along with the Batman theme and this is what we came up with.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snag a picture of the whole food table before everything got dug into.  I just made some food labels in Photoshop and printed them onto white paper.  Then I cut them out, glued them onto yellow ovals, and rubbed black ink around the edges.

Batman Party Menu

1.  Batman Bombs: Whoppers

batman birthday party menu

2. Batman Wheels: Oreos

batman birthday party food ideas

3. Two-Face Pretzels: Pretzel rods dipped in chocolate at both ends and then different colored sprinkles on each end.  Two-Face doesn’t really have specific colors so we went with orange and purple.

4.  Poison Ivy Veggies: Carrots or vegetable tray

5.   Penguin Pizza

6.  Joker Juice: Lemon Lime Kool-Aid

batman birthday party menu

7. Mr. Freeze Ice Water

8. Mr. Freeze Pops: Popsicles

9. Catwoman Claws: Bugles

batman birthday party menu

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