Batman Birthday Cake

Our son Rylan turned 5 on December 27 but we have found what works best for us is celebrating it several weeks later to help spread all the excitement and present opening out.  This year he wanted a Batman birthday because he LOVES everything Batman and knows all the characters from playing Lego Batman.  I had a lot of fun putting this party together for him!

Jeff and I made his cake the night before and although it is not near being professional and didn’t turn out quite as planned, it was fun to make together and Ry still loved it!

fondant batman birthday cake ideas
  • rolling pin
  • chocolate icing
  • yellow cake
  • chocolate cake
Game Plan:

1. Bake two large circle cakes and freeze.

I chose to go with yellow and chocolate cakes because they are Batman colors but obviously you can go with anything.  Don’t forget to level your cakes by cutting off the rounded portions before you freeze.

2.  Bake two small circle cakes and freeze.

3.  Color a chunk of fondant blue, yellow, and black .

batman birthday cake

4.  Assemble larger cake and cover with a layer of blue fondant

batman birthday cake

batman birthday cake

Put a slab of icing on top of the cake to help the smaller cake sit on top and not slide off

5.  Assemble smaller cake as you did in number four and cover with fondant before placing it on top of the larger cake.

The top layer ended up looking pretty rough for us so we decided to switch how we were going to decorate our tiers.  Originally we were going to do Batman’s utility belt on the top tier and Gotham City on the bottom but flip-flopped it so the buildings could cover up all of our folds on the top tier.  It definitely pays to be flexible when you’re doing DIY projects of any kind!

batman birthday cake

6.  Using a Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser Set, cut a strip of yellow to go around the cake.

If you don’t have the ribbon cutter, you can just use a yardstick and pizza cutter but if you plan on making several cakes, this tool is definitely a nice one to have.  We pretty much use it on every cake since it is very versatile.  To make the rest of the utility belt, my husband used a knife to freehand the belt buckle and then molded the smoke bombs with his hands.  To attach all of these things to the cake you just lightly wet the back of the fondant with your fingers.  Easy Peasy!

7. Roll out black fondant and using a knife, cut out buildings for Gotham City.

Make the buildings different heights and give some of them slanted roofs.  Cut squares and rectangles out of the yellow fondant and then lightly wet the backs and stick them on your buildings.  I highly recommend letting the buildings dry overnight that way they will stand up straight on the cake.  I did not do this and wish I would have.  Oh well, I sort of was able to make them stand up.

fondant batman birthday cake ideas

8.  Print off the Batman logo to the size you want, cut it out and then lay it on top of the fondant a a template to cut it out.   Place on top of the cake by wetting the back of it slightly.

9.  Pipe the name of the birthday boy or girl onto the cake and the number he/she is turning.

We wrote Ryman instead of Rylan because it went with the whole Batman theme.

batman birthday cake

batman birthday cakebatman birthday cakebatman birthday cakebatman birthday cakebatman birthday cake

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