Tuesday Tip: Use Swim Noodle as Bed Rail

So here’s a good tip for you with little one’s that I came across on Pinterest and have implemented for quite some time with my second boy, Owen: use a swim noodle as a bed rail.

When Owen we transitioned Owen to the bottom bed of the the bunk beds, we put up a bed rail because I had gotten one several years before at a garage sale and was letting my mother-in-law use it for the kids when they stayed at her house.  The problem was that it was next to impossible to get Owen in his bed because the gap between the top of the rail and the bottom of the top bunk was small, and Owen is not a lightweight by any means.  So I pretty much had to dump him into bed every night.

As much as we would’ve have liked for the rail to keep him locked in his bed, it didn’t, but he definitely didn’t fall out of bed.  I found it to be such a pain and finally decided to try the swim noodle out.  Soooooo much better!  No more dumping him into bed, and he was actually able to climb in bed himself.  It still served it’s purpose of keeping him from falling out of bed by providing that little extra hump.  The only problem we had was the noodle moving down on us, but just take some duct tape and tape it to the mattress and the problem is solved.

I love this idea for a bed rail because it is easy to install and chances are, you already have a swim noodle laying around so it is free or if not, still cheaper than an actual safety rail.

diy kid safety rail

diy safety rail for kids

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