Felt Winter Wreath


You can thank my life long friend Teah for this post.  She came across a pretty fall felt and twig wreath on Pinterest and asked me if I’d be interested in helping her make it and possibly a few other people for a party sort of thing.  Of course, I never say no to crafting so she picked up all the supplies and I made the wreath on my own the night before so I would be able to teach how to make it the next evening.  It was a lot of girly fun and I thought the wreaths turned out gorgeous.

You could make these wreaths any color scheme; we decided to go with blues and silvers so we could keep it up all winter!

felt flowers wreath tutorial

  • 4 colors of felt
  • different sized circle templates made from cardstock
  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • double stick tape–needs to be really sticky
  • flower picks
  • twig wreath (priced at $5.99 at Hobby Lobby but used 40% off coupon)
Game Plan:

1.  Create two different sizes of circle templates out of card stock.

My largest one was the size of a salad plate.  Later I made an extra large one out of the size of a regular dinner plate.

winter felt wreath2.  Use the templates to cut out circles of felt.

3.  Cut the circles into spirals.

There will be an extra tab sticking out that once you’re done cutting the spiral you can cut off by integrating it into the spiral–doesn’t have to be perfect.  I have a good pair of fabric scissors so I was able to cut two at a time.

felt winter wreath

Cut off this extra tab of felt

twig blue color scheme winter pinterest wreath

After the tab has been cut off

winter felt wreath4.  Get a piece of double stick tape about 1.5″ long ready.

5.  Starting with the outside end of the spiral, begin rolling the felt spiral up. Once it is all rolled up, place the double stick tape piece on the bottom and place the little circle tab at the end on the bottom side of the double stick tape, so as to seal it in.

felt winter wreath

flower rolled up and tape is on the bottom of it with the center tab not being taped down

felt winter wreath

put the end of the flower onto the backside of the double stick tape

6.  Continue this process with the remaining flowers.

I made 4 flowers of each color (2 medium and 2 small) and then later added 3 more (one large and 2 small).

winter felt wreath

In the process of making flowers while watching TV one evening

winter felt wreath7.  Arrange flowers on the twig wreath before using hot glue to glue them down.

I arranged mine in clusters to begin with, but once I glued them down the clusters kind of came together.  I went a couple inches shy of the halfway mark on both the top and bottom.  I found later that some of my flowers were coming unrolled and I had to push them back onto the tape.  I suggest adding some hot glue to the bottom of the entire flower, not just the tab part, if you want extra security.  This means you’ll have to lift the tape up to get to that part.

felt winter wreath

Lay out your flowers and arrange them before gluing down

8.  Tear individual limbs off of flower picks.

felt winter wreath

I used 4 flower picks for this wreath

9.  Dab some hot glue on the end of the flower pick lim and then shove them into the twig wreath.  Cover the entire rest of the wreath with berries.

felt winter wreath

attach flower picks to wreath with hot glue

10.  As a final touch, I dabbed hot glue on a few beads/pearls I had on hand and stuck them in the center of some of the flowers.

I ended up hanging my wreath up in our basement because it matched the colors so well.

felt flowers wreath tutorial
felt winter wreath

felt flowers wreath tutorial

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