DIY Framed Bathroom Mirrors


How many of you have builder grade mirrors installed in your bathrooms?  You know, the ones that are just a flat piece of mirror stuck to the wall?  I would say the majority of us do.  The nice thing about those mirrors is they’re usually big in size and do a good job of performing their function.  The bad thing is is they are boring and unpleasant to look at.

Here’s an easy and inexpensive fix to create a more finished and expensive looking mirror.  All of our bathrooms (except the one we built and finished ourselves) had the builder grade mirrors so you’ll see pictures from three different bathrooms.

  • saw
  • molding
  • paint
  • construction adhesive (able to be used on glass)
  • putty
  • painter’s tape
Game Plan:

1.  Measure the perimeter of your mirror and buy trim/molding that will cover that length.

Make sure to think about how the pieces will be cut and fit into the length of that board.  We bought small trim for the small bathroom and regular sized trim for the larger ones.  I wish we would’ve went with an even larger trim on the big mirrors and regular sized trim on the small mirror, but now I know for next time!

diy framed bathroom mirror

You can totally see where we stopped painting! Oops!

2.  Paint your trim the color of your choice.

We went with white on the large trim and black on the small trim.  Make sure to paint the backside of the trim to because it is reflected back and you’ll be able to see it if you don’t.  It wasn’t noticeable on the white trim, but definitely noticeable on the black!

3.  Measure your trim, cutting it to length and at 45 degree angles.

4.  Spread adhesive onto the back of the trim, gluing it into place.  Use painter’s tape to hold it in place until it dries.

applying molding to builder grade mirrors

5.  Remove tape, putty cracks and corners with paintable putty.

DIY framed bathroom mirrors

This is why you need to putty and paint after installing

6.  Paint over the putty.

DIY framed bathroom mirrors

BEFORE: Main floor half bathroom

diy framed bathroom mirrors

AFTER: Main floor half bathroom

diy framed bathroom mirrors

BEFORE: Upstairs bathroom

diy framed bathroom mirrors

AFTER: Upstairs bathroom

diy framed bathroom mirrors

AFTER: Upsatirs bathroom

diy framed bathroom mirrors

AFTER: Master bedroom bathroom

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